“Song Squirting” New Age Zune

So just what is Song Squirting? Simple, it is the latest new age technology offered by the Zune. How it works is like this – it allows you to transfer songs wirelessly to nearby Zunes.  Song Squirting is the sole application of the wireless connectivity offered by the Zune.  iPod maniacs – you don’t get this on your machine, so if Song Squirting is something you want, get a Zune!

Let me expand a little more on the amazing feature of my favorite device. Song Squirting is tune sharing with a difference.  The Zune’s built in wi-fi alerts you of every other Zune in a thirty feet radius. To every Zune nearby, you can send a photo, podcast or song in just 10-15 seconds. This is Squirting.

Once the squirted song has been received, the owner can play it three times within three days. Of course, you can choose whether you want to receive a song or not.  I guess the only sour bit about squirting is that the song evaporates from your Zune too quick. Blame the money hungry record labels.

Picture this – a concert master wants to send songs to a group of musicians. All of them own Zunes. Zap – the job is done! This makes one wonder if Zune goes wireless all the way next – with straight downloads from the internet. Song squirting is going to be hip if I see it correctly.