Zune Savvy Marketing

In its quest for exclusivity, Zune has sought studios to provide content that would be exclusive to the Zune Media Player. The Hollywood Reporter says that Microsoft officials have met up with talent agencies and studios to create deals which would create exclusive video content for the Microsoft Zune.

When the Zune incepted, it was lauded as the Microsoft answer to the iPod. However it has not met with great success, selling only 2 million units since it’s launch in 2006. The iTunes stores is widely regarded as the reason for the iPod’s dominance. iTunes allows for easy music and video download onto the iPod.

Microsoft aims to counter this by owning exclusive content that Apple would not be able to distribute from iTunes. Another wild card in the equation is the wireless networking features of the Zune. Lets see where this new marketing tactic takes the Microsoft Zune.

According to Richard Winn, what all of them are looking for is what they can do that is more interesting that just looking at a piece of video.