Changes in the Zune

It is nice to know that the latest 3.0 software of the Zune allows manual sync capability. This is now a part of Zune desktop software. The Zune has had its share of issues connecting to the home and work PC and thus losing content. Now manual control of the content is possible. When the Zune is connected with a PC, large movies on the PC can be deleted on the PC once it is on your Zune. This helps if the PC has a shortage of hard disk space.


Syncing as well as deletion of music, pictures and videos can be controlled with manual sync mode. For Podcasts, Friends and Channels only automatic sync mode is available. You won’t regret upgrading your Zune to the latest firmware.

The Zune 3.0 allows you to operate the player in a standalone fashion. You can’t enter network characteristics manually though. The alphanumeric ability is available in the search GUI of the Zune Marketplace. The Zune 3 is impressive, no doubt. Looks like the Zune is moving ahead in it’s attempt to dominate one more dominion for Microsoft.