What Do You Think Of The Zune Phone?

Apple has it’s iPhone. It is still a fantasy to think of a Zune Phone coz it is not on the way, or so it seems. Adam Huffman from Yanko Designs dreamed up a fantasy Zune Phone. There have been other such pipedreams. Zune’s first attempt at unseating the iPod have been unsuccessful so far and this makes a Zune phone not so likely.


There are a number of reasons you would want to dream about a Zune phone. You could be an Apple hater. You could be a Zune lover. You may want to count down the number of ways the phone will flop in front of the iPhone (Although the iPhone 3G has reported more than it’s share of issues).


Perhaps these issues with the iPhone have given a buzz to the possibility of a Zune phone. Competition is the perfect way to good products. There are a myriad iPhone clones with Touch Screens and they aren’t the best way to unseat the iPhone from it’s throne.


Perhaps there should be a Zune phone. It could either make products better or it would get the better of the iPhone. What do you think