The MP3 Wars

In the MP3 Wars there is a foursome that make up the MP3 quadrangle. The iPod is of course the leader, followed by the Zune, Archos and Slacker. The iPod is an amazing device, although iTunes is not the most ideal song service. The Zune, Archos and Slacker all have their advantages and disadvantages. Lets look at some of these.

Archos offers the Archos 5 and 7 with five inch and seven inch screens respectively. Capacity on this device ranges from 30 gb to 320 gb. Attractive and thin, this device is optimized for video. Also there are a number of enticing add on’s that will make you want to buy this device including games for this device.
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Teen Survey On Zune

The Zune has grown in popularity according to the latest survey. This survey conducted twice a year by Piper Jaffray is very positive on the Zune. A year ago the iPod had an 80 percent share with the high school population. Now that share is up to 84 percent. Last year 78 percent said that the music device they intended to buy in the next 12 months was an iPod. This year that figure is 79 percent.

However the Zune has grown in popularity as well more in percentage terms than absolute terms. The Zune’s share of the teen market last year was just 2 percent. This year it is 3 percent. 13 percent of teens said they planned to buy a Zune over the next year in the last survey. This year that figure is 15 percent.
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Inspiretech Zune Charger

There has been a statement from Steve Ballmer that MS would not build it’s own Zune phone. This was said by Gates as well, way back in January 2008. Ballmer also made the point that MS is likely to take Zune software and services to Windows Mobile. Old hat. There is a new set of premium services for Windows Mobile called “Pink”.

There has been a delay in Windows Mobile 7. Pink, however is not delayed. Windows Mobile 7 and Pink are not tied together. History has been that MS has considered building it’s own Zune phone. Some people in the company want MS to create a MS branded Zune phone. Now it looks like this is not to be.
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