Inspiretech Zune Charger

There has been a statement from Steve Ballmer that MS would not build it’s own Zune phone. This was said by Gates as well, way back in January 2008. Ballmer also made the point that MS is likely to take Zune software and services to Windows Mobile. Old hat. There is a new set of premium services for Windows Mobile called “Pink”.

There has been a delay in Windows Mobile 7. Pink, however is not delayed. Windows Mobile 7 and Pink are not tied together. History has been that MS has considered building it’s own Zune phone. Some people in the company want MS to create a MS branded Zune phone. Now it looks like this is not to be.
Meanwhile Inspiretech has released Zune chargers. This bundle comes with USB sync cable, wall socket charger as well as call charger. Made of fine ebony, this kit serves as an all purpose Zune recharging and sync set. Compatibility extends to all Zune models. Go get yours today!