The MP3 Wars

In the MP3 Wars there is a foursome that make up the MP3 quadrangle. The iPod is of course the leader, followed by the Zune, Archos and Slacker. The iPod is an amazing device, although iTunes is not the most ideal song service. The Zune, Archos and Slacker all have their advantages and disadvantages. Lets look at some of these.

Archos offers the Archos 5 and 7 with five inch and seven inch screens respectively. Capacity on this device ranges from 30 gb to 320 gb. Attractive and thin, this device is optimized for video. Also there are a number of enticing add on’s that will make you want to buy this device including games for this device.
The Slacker generation 2 is an impressive device. The device isn’t too big and lets others manage your music. Wifi enabled and automatically updated, this is one handy device. This device offers music, no videos but the experience is pure unadulterated fun.

The Zune is the next device we will talk about. This device offers music and video, wi fi enabled. It does a lot of the hard work automatically. In my opinion if you can’t decide between an Archos or a Slacker, maybe you should pick a Zune. It has a bit of both those devices in it.