Univision Partners Zune

Baja Zune Musica en Univision.com is the newly branded music download service that is a partnership between Zune and Univision. Cesar Conde, EVP, Univision said that of a number of steps to enhance the musical experience, this is one of them – the partnership with Zune.

Univision is offering Zune’s music catalog as well as top notch features and delivering a fantastic subscription platform experience through the most visited website in the US for the Spanish Language. As part of the deal, MS gets exclusivity as the only online music download and subscription provider in the US.
Zune music charts, artist profiles as well as access to over 4 million songs via the Zune Marketplace are provided as a part of the service. Meanwhile Microsoft has issue a statement saying it is thrilled with the partnership with Univision Online. Latino users will now find it easy to listen and connect with their favorite music.

In addition they can easily discover new music and artists. Univision.com users are more likely to say that music is and important part of their lives. There is also a time limited incentive to consumers which gives them a 50 percent off on some Latin artists and albums on the Zune Marketplace.