Zune HD with Nvidia Tegra

So the rumors appear to be true. The Zune HD is likely to use Nvidia’s Tegra chip. According to PC Perspective, the Zune chip had been confirmed by Nvidia’s staff at Computex earlier in the month. At the company’s analyst day, Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang predicted that this chip would account for half of Nvidia’s business in the years to come.

The advantage of Tegra is that it uses only 0.5 watts of power. This is due to the power stingy ARM parentage. Tegra comprises of two ARM chips. The main application processor runs the OS and is based on the ARM11 core. The Nvidia GeForce graphics chip is probably what attracted Microsoft to Tegra.
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Will You Be Able To Play Xbox Live Games On The Zune HD?

A lot of Xbox news was forthcoming from Microsofts recent press conference at E3. There was some information on Zune video streaming as well. Interestingly Amazon.com seems to have made its own announcement. In the Zune HD listing on Amazon, they talk about access to millions of videos, TV shows and games from Xbox Live 720P HD video in the list of their product features. Read the rest of this entry »