Competition for the Zune HD

There are many people who have found the Zune a refreshing change from the iPod since its launch. Some of the features introduced to make the Zune better have disappointed. However the Zune HD is a gadget that fails to disappoint. It may not drive the iPod Touch off the planet. It does deliver a smashing music experience nevertheless.

The Zune spells wealth, style and sexiness. Although more angular than the iPod Touch, this device feels good and can lay flat. The other features are all improvements. There is really not much I can complain about on the Zune. Microsoft may complain, however, because Samsung seems to be aping them!

Samsung is likely to launch a portable media player with a Nvidia Tegra chipset. Although nothing is known about what price may be set for it, there are some things that we do know. The Tegra based PMP will have Bluetooth audio, DivX video, OLED display, FM radio, photo viewer, integrated voice recorder, microSD memory expansion, text reader, photo viewer and FM radio.

The Zune HD is a very tough competitor for anyone but since no one knows the pricing of the Zune HD or Samsung’s gadget all we can do is guess the winner of the race.