Zune Ads Clarification

In a recent statement, Microsoft had talked about launching a Zune Social advertising pilot program in summer 2008. This program aims to expand Zune Social profiles by including advertising, events and artist pages. This idea did not receive a nod from users.
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GameStop No Longer Sells The Zune

The Zune was touted as Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. In one sign that it is failing to provide competition, GameStop will no longer sell the Microsoft Zune. GameStop has 4500 locations and is a huge video game retail chain.

This axe falling on the Zune is the latest in a long drawn out battle which the zune now seems to be losing against the iPod. The zune was launched in 2006 and tried to break the iPods monopoly over the portable music player market. Microsoft introduced it’s online video store in a bid to woo customers.
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TV Shows Now Part Of Zune Marketplace

The Zune Marketplace now has TV shows as download-to-own items. Approximately 800 TV episodes are available for download. These include latest episodes from NBC’s Heroes, 30 Rock, Comedy Standup as well as other popular shows. MTV, Turner Broadcasting and Starz Media are also partners in this venture. The cost of an episode is 160 Microsoft Points which works out to approximately $1.99.
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Zune Mistaken

Eric found a great deal on a refurbished Zune. After placing an order on overstockdealz.com he received his package after a few days. In it was a $8 Zune cable. The following is from a letter he wrote.

He says that he placed an order fro a 30 gb Zune as a gift for his wife. After a few days when the package showed up he had only the sync cable for the Zune in it which is worth just $7.99.
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UK To Wait For Zune Till 2009

The Zune has been a big success in the US. UK consumers will have to wait till 2009 for the Zune, it seems. Reports from France suggest that the launch of the Zune MP3 players in Europe has been deferred to 2009.

Earlier sources had suggested that Microsoft was to launch the Zune in the UK sometime this year. However those waiting for the Zune will have to wait a bit more as the popular MP3 player from Microsoft will be launched in the UK only in 2009.
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Why You Should Be Wary Of Free Downloads

After you buy your Zune, you need to fill er up with music. Now music is substantially cheaper than gas these days, but it is still expensive. It could cost you $0.99 per music download. However, for some there is another way out.

Some people like to download free music movies, videos and games. There are also free sites that offer these downloads. However you should know what you risk when you download from such sites.
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Cheap Music For Your Zune

For those who have bought the new Zune, they know how much good music on the Zune means to them. However it is often expensive to get good music for the Zune. Everyone wants their favorite songs – Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven or any other on their Zune. Sometimes it hurts the wallet, though.

Zune downloads are available aplenty from sites like Napster and even Microsoft’s own Zune Marketplace. Each download costs about $0.99. When you download Zune music in the scores this can turn out to be extremely expensive, especially if you are a teen.

At first sight free sites seem like a good option for downloading Zune music but these sites are often chock a block with viruses and malware so be careful! One great option is to rip music from a CD that you already own. This is a great option for Zune music.

You should know that the file formats you rip to must be compatible with the Zune. Another great option is downloading the Zune music from sites that charge only a one time fee and offer unlimited downloads. This is a great cheap option for Zune Music downloads.

Windows Mobile and Zune To Be Converged

A Zune phone is not likely in the near future. Still Microsoft is looking for a closer integration between the Zune and Windows Mobile phones. In fact Microsoft is looking for feedback from users on ways to better converge the two. An open question was asked on the Windows Mobile blog about how to achieve better convergence between the Windows Mobile and Zune.

More that 50 commentators have come up with suggestions. A common thread among many suggestions is that WMV on the Windows Mobile Devices should be removed and the Zune software should be installed instead. Another suggestion was creating a media player that works on both devices.
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Hot Chip Exclusive Track On Zune Marketplace From Feb 26

As the Zune “Ignition” artist for February, Hot Chip is releasing a track titled “So Deep” for the Zune Marketplace, exclusively. The release date was February 26 and the track will be available for a period of one month.

Hot Chip is also offering a Zune Freebie. Labled “Made In The Dark”, this is a track by track breakdown of the new album. There is also an exclusive guestlist. The guestlist features tracks that the band has carefully chosen. MSN is helping the promotion as well by offering a promotional download exclusively which features behind the scenes footage from the making of “Ready for the Floor”, the video.
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The Best Place To Download Zune Music

As the Zune grows popular, more and more people want to download music for their Zune. With more customers than ever, people now want to find out where they can get their Zune downloads from. Just by searching on Google you can find scores of Zune Music download sites. The Zune Marketplace is perhaps the most famous site of this kind. File sharing networks are another way to get Zune music. The last option is paid membership sites.
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Free Valentine Zune 80 Players Are Microsofts Way Of Apologizing

Like some of the other Zune players that have been released lately, the Red Zune 80, better known as the Valentine Day Zune has been more popular than Microsoft expected. This Zune already has had one announced product delay, and it now seems many consumers will not have the Love Zune in their hands by February 14.

Well now it seems broken hearts are being mended. Emails have been sent out that those who were just about to get the Zune’s on time for V day may not get it on time though Microsoft is giving it their best shot. The money will be refunded and if you are on the cusp of a Feb 14 delivery you get a free Zune. This is the letter that Microsoft sent out.
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Zune Causes Hearing Problems To Man Who May Now Sue Microsoft

“I received an electric shock through the earbuds of my Microsoft Zune. Simultaneously, the Zune emitted a very loud noise through the earbuds and the device began to reset…Since the incident, I’ve suffered blood and fluid leakage from my ear canal, a temporary threshold shift, and incessant ringing and discomfort”
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Right Time To Buy The 8 GB Zune

The 8 GB Zune sees a price drop of $20 from February 1. The Zune has been hugely popular in all its models and for those who have wanted to buy an 8 GB Zune, the time is now!

So if you decide to buy an 8 GB Zune now, it will cost you just $179. This is just $30 costlier that the 4 GB Zune. By spending just $30 more on the 8 GB Zune you can enjoy twice the amount of music and video on your Zune. I am looking at a price drop on all players in the near future. However don’t let this deter you from cashing in on an offering that you like.
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Why The Zune Is Likely To Succeed In Canada

As the Zune is launched in Canada this spring, I think it is sure to succeed. Here is why. The Zune provides wholesome competition for the iPod delivering a viable alternative to the worlds most popular MP3 player. There are now fanatical Zuneites just like there are iPodders.

To recap, the sizes of Zunes available. One is the 80 GB version and the smaller ones are 4 GB and 8 GB. The 80 GB version costs $249 and the 4 and 8 GB flash versions are worth $149 and $199. There are some reasons the Zune will have an edge when launched in the Canadian market.
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Zune Among Additions to Pyrix Entertainment Channels

Zune downloads is among the additions to three Pyrix channels – Docupyx, Urbanchillers and ComedyPop. The other additions were PSP movies, iPod video and 3gpfiles. Pyrix, at CES announced that it had developed new capabilities allowing it to deliver content to the Zune as well as the iPod, Playstation and 3gp smart phones. This is part of Pyrix’ drive to connect artists to audience.

Now Zune downloads can be downloaded to portable players. The same applies to PSP movies and iPod video. In addition 3gp files can be downloaded to smart phones. According to PYrix CEO Amit Tripathi, they are making it possible for artists to share content directly with audiences using mobile technology.
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This Month The Black Dahlia Murder Performs For Zune

The Black Dahlia Murder is one of the prominent artists amongst death metal lovers. Now they are part of Zune’s “Ignition” and “On The Road” Programs for the month of January. With this, The Black Dahlia Murder will get exposure across Microsoft properties and the Zune will support the tour schedule of the band as well.

Free exclusive material is being offered on the Zune Marketplace from The Black Dahlia Murder. The online marketplace has been redone and freshly stocked this month.
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Zune Hits Jump 3 Times This Christmas

Hits on www.zune.net saw a drastic increase this year as compared to last year. Chrismas 2007 saw  a 299 percent increase in hits to the Zune website when compared with Christmas Day 2006. Most users visited the site to sign up to the website and for downloading software.

Although traffic grew significantly iTunes stayed the largest download site with 6 times more market share than the Zune site. The market share of Zune.net saw a 392 percent increase on Christmas compared to the previous day and the market share of www.apple.com/itunes saw a 339 percent jump on Christmas day compared to the previous day.
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Zune Diagnostic Tool Now Available

Microsoft Zune’s wireless sync connection has been a bit of a problem to some. Now there is a solution. The Zune diagnostic tool is now available. USB and wireless sync data can now be gathered to detect problems with the MS Zune player.

To operate the Zune diagnostic tool, run the ZuneDevices.exe tool from the software of the Zune. Then connect the device to the Zune and the software will automatically display problems. If you use a wireless connection, there will be a display “connecting to your PC” for one or two minutes. Then the problems will be displayed on settings-wireless-sync now. For USB connections, the Zune shows under portable devices in the device manager.
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Why The 80 GB Zune is Unavailable

A miscalculation by Microsoft about the demand for Zunes is responsible for the Zune shortage. This has resulted in backordering of the Zune at most retailers.

The criticism of the first Zune by many resulted in too much caution by Microsoft and the resulting production of too few Zunes. The three new Zunes – the 4 and 8 gb flash based models and the 80 GB Zune classic are all in short supply.
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Love in The Time of Zune

Love has taken an interesting turn in the time of the Microsoft Zune and people are finding newer ways to get married.

A Gizmodo reader, popped the question to his girl with the help of a pink Zune original. He had uploaded a video to the player that had a romantic ballad as the score. When the lady in question heard the music fade out, she was instructed to turn the Zune over.
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