Wired Zune Has A Logo!

Feel any different? New design? Different color scheme? Nope. A new header with our brand new logo. 🙂

Well, this logo will be in the logo of Wired Zune for the time being. 😉 We’ll most likely have a new logo that will for sure stick with Wired Zune on its first birthday, but this will be the one until then. If there are some good replies, we may keep it as the one that will represent Wired Zune for a longer period. 😛

Wired Zune Logo

For those who have not caught the logo’s meaning, let me give a brief explanation. To simply say, cover up the two O’s at the top and you’ll see a “w” type of sign, although the line at the bottom makes it kind of look odd. 😀 Now, cover up the O’s at both sides and you have a “Z”. Pretty clever? 😉

We invested mid-XX USD for this logo so that Wired Zune will have some sort of an identity for the time being. Most likely, we’ll have a new logo, as stated before, for its birthday… Or maybe earlier.. 😛

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wired Zune would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our visitors and fans! 🙂

Thanksgiving Cilpart

What could be better than sitting at the dinner table with all your family and a nice big turkey in the middle, with you fiddling your fingers with the Zune, sharing songs with your cousin across the table? 😉

Enjoy it today everyone. We won’t make any too important news today to get you on the PC, reading about the Zune, as today can be better spent with your family! 🙂

Wired Zune is Hiring Staff!

So far, Wired Zune has been run by a team of two people. One doing all the front-end stuff, while one doing all the back-end stuff. Whether we’re working on a new article or doing the back-end coding stuff, we’ve been dedicating approximately 10 hours per week to keep the website optimized, ad-free, and best of all, one of the best Zune websites on the net.
Now, we’re looking to hire talented people to be part of the Wired Zune team! In a sense, to offload some of the current staff’s work, but we also believe that for a site like Wired Zune to continuously grow, it is necessary for a great number of people to work behind the scenes. Two people has a limit. But if we have more people working, we can raise that bar, thus allowing Wired Zune to reach its deserved potential.
Some positions we need filling are listed below. The number in the paranthesis indicates how many people we’re looking for in that position.

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Win a Zune! and More!

To liven up our forums and to increase the Wired Zune member base, the Wired Zune team decided to run a competition!

First off, the prizes:
First Place
Microsoft Zune
: Yes! The Microsoft Zune that’s going to be released on November 14th!

Now I’m sure that this is where all your attention is at! So, I’ll get straight to the point.

This competition will be sort of like a lottery. Through participating in the forums, you’ll increase your chances of winning the Zune. Here we go.

Every 10 points you earn will equal 1 ticket in to the drawing hat. So basically, the more tickets you earn, the higher your chances of winning the prizes it’ll be! How do you earn these points?

Win Points By…

  • Adding an avatar and a signature earns you 5 Points
  • Every 5 posts you make will earn you 1 Point
  • Refer a friend and get them to post 10+ posts and earn 10 Points
  • Mention this contest on your blog/website/something! entry and earn 50 Points
  • Add a link to Wired Zune on your website and earn 20 Points
  • Submit an article about the Zune to news@wiredzune.com and if published on our website, earn 100 Points
  • Donate a prize to our competition and earn 100 Points
  • If you have a forum account with 500+ posts with an average of at least 3 posts per day, add a link to this thread and earn 50 Points

There you have it! Earning points could never be easier!


More Information | Register to Participate!

Don’t miss out! 🙂 This is the one time that you’ll really just have fun to win a Zune! 😉 Also, don’t forget to get your friends and everyone to come and participate! You’ll have lots of fun AND even get a chance to win a Zune for Christmas! 🙂

Wired Zune Forums Created!

Yes! 🙂 Something that ya’ll have been waiting for…

Wired Zune Forums

Finally. 😛 Well, our modifications and styles aren’t fully completed, but we decided to open it because we only have a little over a month before the initial launch of Microsoft Zune.

Head on over there! 🙂

General Site News

Hey all you Zune fans out there! It’s been quite a while. 😛

Just a heads up update on the website.

  • Forums
  • Downtime & Servers

The forums for Wired Zune are coming along very well. Recently, we were acquire the domain zuneforums.org. So, when the forums launch, it’ll be accessible both as forums.wiredzune.com and zuneforums.org. We’re trying to acquire some domains such as zuneforums.com and zuneforums.net.

Now, regarding downtime and servers. Recently, our server has been crashing often. That’s because we were on a Pentium 4 2.8. We’ev now purchased a new Dual Opteron server. You should see some amazing speeds now. 😉

Nothing more to say. Enjoy your time at Wired Zune!

Just a Notice…

Recently, you probably noticed some major errors being displayed on the Wired Zune site. This was due to our host being unresponsive for the last few days.

Hopefully, things will become to get better so that your time at Wired Zune can be more enjoyable. 😉

We apologize for such a long time of technical problems. If an error such as this occurs once again, we’ll then be sure to act right away and switch hosts or do something about it at least to keep the site going.

Also, you probably noticed that the “Forums” link at the top changed to http://forums.wiredzune.com

The design is coming along very nicely right now. We hope to have it up sometime in the next two weeks and open for the registeration!

The Wired Zune Tech Team

Regarding Wired Zune Forums

Many people have been continously asking questions regarding the forums. When will it be up? I want to connect! 😉

Guys, let me tell you. I’ve decided to dish out another $160 USD to purchase an owned vBulletin license. I’m currently looking at customizing it quite a bit so it goes very well with the Wired Zune blog theme itself.

Donations will still be appreciated as every month, I pay another 9.95 USD for the hosting.

Wired Zune traffic is also steadily increasing so I’m highly considering renting a VPS in near future, so all donations will be appreciated. $1 or $10, it doesn’t matter. 🙂 We’ll still thank you in our coming soon, Thank You page.

Anyways, heads up guys. 🙂 Wired Zune Forum will be launching in a very near future!

Wired Zune Updated! …Forums?

Reporting from the Wired Zune HQ once again! We’ve got another news for you! Not really Zune news though…

Wired Zune News! The site itself’s news! Haven’t had that in a while! 😉

Anyways, I’d like to tell you that Wired Zune just upgraded itself to the latest version of WordPress. Some of you may have noticed a blank page for a few minutes. No worries. We’re back. 🙂

We’re also thinking of possibly adding a forum. With the increase in visitors daily, we’re beginning to feel that maybe a forum should be added. You may have already noticed, but the “Forums” link at the top leads you to an error page. Currently it is like that because there is no forums.

There are financial stuff to go through as we are working very hard to purchase ourselves an owned vBulletin license. We have the best blogging software. So why not use the best forum software to go along with it? 😉 Donations will of course, speed the things up a bit. 😛

Although we are pretty sure that a forum will be setup sometime next week, we’d like YOUR opinion!

A comment with a “Yes” or a “No” for forums would be much appreciated. (We were working on setting up a Poll, but it wasn’t XHTML Strict coding, so we’re fixing it as we’re speaking!)

Thanks! The Wired Zune Team

Wired Zune has it’s custom design!

Welcome to the brand new WiredZune.com!

You’re probably saying… “Whoa! Where’d this come from!”

That’s right! Wired Zune has it’s new design and it’s very own custom one!

I personally designed this design and held hands with Alan to complete the coding for WordPress 2.0.

Hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂 I thought that if you want something Zune, you need to go to a place where at least it feels like Zune belongs. The color combination, obviously, was influenced by the official Zune logo.

Keep visiting us and like this surprise, we’ll have many more in store for you!

WiredZune.com Launches!

Welcome to Wired Zune. With the recent hype regarding Microsoft’s new media player which is expected to battle with the iPod, here at Wired Zune, we’ll deliver you the latest updates regarding this mysterious gadget.

Minimum once a week, the team at Wired Zune will post articles regarding Zune.

Also, the current theme that you view (temporary) will also be modified very soon, so you can expect some great things to happen here at Wired Zune.

To add on to that, we’ll also be adding a forum shortly to allow Zune anticipators and other users to interact and really get “wired” together!

Welcome to Wired Zune! Are you connected?