iHome gives Zune its First Clock Radio!

Zune users need not feel jealous of iPod users with their wide range of accessories any more. The leading provider of novel speaker solutions,iHome has come up with the first of its kind range of speaker systems designed especially for the Zune digital media player. The ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock Radio is an opponent to similar systems built for the iPod.

 Featuring great sound and an array of features, the ZN9 Dual-Alarm Clock Radio defines the iHomes’ wide product catalogue perfectly. This first-ever clock radio designed exclusively for the Zune allows users to slowly fall asleep or wake up to their desired music that is stored on their Zune or even that on the radio or buzzer. The clock allows you to set separate weekend and weekday alarm times. The extra-large LCD display has a back light with a dimmer so as not to strain tired eyes. The ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock manages to deliver unparalleled clarity and depth because of its special Reson8(TM) speaker chambers. Read the rest of this entry »

Accessorizing your Zune!

There are a lot of things that you can love about the Zune but the feeling of being a lone vegetarian in a steakhouse is what might describe a Zune owner’s dilemma when shopping for Zune accessories. But despair not loyal Zune-sters. There is a wide range of good to bad Zune accessories available in the market thanks to most manufacturers who are busy chasing the iPod. 

 The most in-demand MP3 player accessories are in-car FM transmitters and speaker docks. In this category, Microsoft’s Home audio-visual Kit made for the Zune is a good buy. It comes with a portable USB wall charger, a remote control and a charging dock with both composite and component video outputs. If you are fond of using the Zune’s wireless sync feature, then the charging docks which include speaker docks are a great option. The synching is atomically triggered on as soon as you dock your Zune. Topping the list in this department is the iHome ZN9 Zune alarm clock that is a strong contender for iPod’s best offering.  Read the rest of this entry »

New Zune Radio Alarm Clock Coming Soon

For months now, we’ve gotten requests from loyal readers asking whether or not an alarm clock dock for the Zune was available, like it is for the iPod.

We’re happy to report that it appears the wait will soon be over. The Official Microsoft Zune Insider site recently announced that a new alarm clock with Zune dock station is coming soon. The rumor is it will hit store shelves this June and will be widely available this Christmas season.

As soon as it is available, we will provide purchase links here.

Home Theatre Hub @ $19.99 For Zune Owners

If you are a Zune owner and looking for a home theater system, you are in luck. You can now get a Zune Home AV Kit for just $19.99. This offer is available via Buy.com. This is a fantastic offer and the reason is that in a purely financial sense, this is about one fifth of the price of similar offers elsewhere. At many big-box stores, Circuit City, for instance you can still buy the Zune Home AV Kit for a price of $99.99.
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New Cases For The Zune From Agent 18

If you wanted some classy accessories for the Zune but did not know where to look, here is some news for you.The Zune Shield and Zune Kit cases have been released for the Zune. These cases give a different window to the Zune’s style, protect it and are available for all types of Zunes.

You can easily snap the Z-shield cases for the 30GB and 80GB Zune’s on and off. These are made of tough, frosted, clear, impact resistant plastic. You can access all connectors and buttons if you use this product even though the Zune is very well protected.
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Golla To Partner With Zune For Accessories

Golla is now in partnership wiht Zune. This was announced at CES 2008. Golla will be a licenced partner of Microsoft for producing 3rd party accessories for Microsoft’s didital media player. Golla specializes in trendy bags for portable electronics and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

A special bag collection has been designed by Golla around the Zune with a number of different designs for different models. According to Scott Erickson from Zune, this is an exciting partnership for Zune. Golla sets trends in the area of fashionable bags for consumer electronics. Zune customers are likely to be pleased with the new options on the table.
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Zune Cases: Personalizing Your Zune Player

If you really want to make your Zune player your own, you may want to personalize it not by just placing the music and videos you like, but also by personalizing it physically.

You will see that there are Zune skins or cases that you can purchase in order to make your Zune look unique. You will have hundreds of choices on designs and you will see that Zune cases will be able to make your Zune player look like a new kind of Zune player. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune Car Charger: Keeping the Power On For Your Zune

The Zune player is indeed one of the most powerful personal multimedia devices existing today. With it, you will never get bored when traveling again. Just imagine yourself going on a long drive from one state to another.

Surely you would want to have some sort of entertainment while you drive in order to keep you free from boredom. With a Zune, you will be able to listen to your favorite music as well as watch your favorite videos while you are on the go. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune Armbands

Are you an active person who loves to exercise every single day? If you are, then you will want to have a Zune player in order to keep you entertained while you exercise. However, you can never help but wonder where exactly you will place your Zune player.

If you are thinking about placing your Zune player on your pants pocket, then you are thinking about the wrong idea. Because of your physical activities, your Zune player will likely fall off and get constantly shaken which can eventually lead to damage.

In order to keep your Zune player secured while doing your daily activities, you might want to get the Zune armband. With this, you can be sure that your Zune will be secured and you can also be sure that you will enjoy the convenience it offers. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune Accessories – What Are Popular Zune Related Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season?

If you have a friend who is as crazy about Zune as you are, then you will see that giving them gifts for the holiday season will not be a problem at all. You will see that there are numerous Zune accessories that you can give them that will not only be great gift ideas but also very useful when it comes to giving the Zune player that extra oomph.

So, here are some of the Zune accessories that are considered to be must-haves for any Zune fanatic. Read the rest of this entry »

Bluetooth Accessories for Zune: The Fact about Zune and Bluetooth

With all the features that Zune has, it left out one vital thing that would have made it even more popular. It left out the Bluetooth capability. Sad as it may be, the Zune player does not support Bluetooth. So, if you are planning to send audio files from your Zune player to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, you will never be able to do so as Zune uses Wi-Fi to transfer files from one Zune player to another.

Basically, the Bluetooth technology has taken the world by storm. It provides faster wireless connections and it will also enable a device with Bluetooth to connect to the PC wirelessly. The great thing about Bluetooth is that it will be able to support wireless Bluetooth headsets which mean no more dangling wires. Read the rest of this entry »