Cobrasnake’s Got a RED Zune?!

So Stefan our man over at IWAPZ found something cool about Cobrasnake. So, Cobra was taking a few pictures of himself with his Zune and what do you know! A red Zune! That’s right folks. One that we’ve been looking forward to for quite sometime.

Cobrasnake Watermelon Red Zune

There is obviously no empirical evidence that these pictures are the Watermelon Red. While there is speculation that it could be something similar to the La Brea specials, it certainly seems a lot lighter red than the ones that were put up for the silent auction.

Cobrasnake Watermelon Red Zune

Cool stuff. Now all we need is Microsoft to confirm and release… πŸ™‚

Halo 3 Edition Only 20,000 Avaliable

According to GearLive, the guys who first truly got the juice regarding the Halo 3 limited edition flowing, has confirmed with Microsoft that there will only be 20,000 Halo 3 edition Zunes via GameStop/EBGames. As we all know already, it is supposed to be released on June 15, 2007, but pre-orders are being taken as of through GameStop.


Enjoy a video while you’re drooling at it. πŸ˜‰


Source: GearLive

Second Generation Confirmed.

Jason Reindorp, Microsoft’s marketing directory for Zune, somewhat confirmed that the second generation of Zune is on its way to the customers’ hands this fall. To expand the Zune, Microsoft is actually under construction in Doumen, China to construct a Zune factory right beside its XBox factory.

We should be able to see some various new innovative versions with diverse size capacities along with prices. Especially since Microsoft is not working with Toshiba starting from the second generation, it is likely that Flextronics, the workers of Xbox, and Microsoft will co-produce future generations.

“There are definitely some cost efficiencies, but the more important thing from our perspective is the flexibility and control we have in creating a device from scratch and making it down to the last component what we want it to be,” said Reindorp.

Not much detail has yet been released. However, with fall only a few months away, I guess more info will be leaked out gradually. Tune in for the latest 2nd generation of Zune news! πŸ™‚

Yet Another Limited Zune – Halo 3

So Microsoft does it again! πŸ™‚ Yet another limited edition of the Zune. In the Halo 3 preview tonight at NYC, we were all given a little surprise – the Halo 3 limited edition Zune. It is due to be out in mid-June as of.
These limited edition Zunes are great and that it actually encourages people to buy a Zune is great. However, with the 100 Pink Zunes, the 100 Orange Zunes, the 1,000,000 Light Pink Zunes, and the Adult Swim version, along with the upcoming Watermelon Red… Too many maybe…?

Halo 3 Zune Limited Edition

It’d be great if Microsoft could put in just as much effort into providing a more feature packed Zune firmware… Anyways, more pictures of the new limited edition is over at Giz. πŸ™‚
Source: Gizmodo

Rumor: New Zune On June 1st?

There is yet another Zune rumor going around after a vague shot of a Zune downloading songs via Wi-Fi. It is a picture of the current generation of the Zune except with a background saying version “2.1.4 Beta” written on it. The validity of these two shots still remain an issue though but from the looks of it, it certainly looks good.

Zune v.2.1.4

However, before being hoaxed possibly, let’s be a bit skeptical. Firstly, this shot could easily be reproduced. Actually even a clearer shot could be created within minutes! Just a few Photoshop work, save it, sync it over to the Zune, and Zoom in on the image enough and ta-da!

Another thing is the firmware version. Ok, so why the heck are we jumping all the way up to version 2.1.4 all of a sudden? According to a tipster from Gizmodo, we may be surprised on June 1st. (So where did the May surprise go?) It seems a bit of a bit skip, don’t you think?

Zune v.2.1.4

Nonetheless, the idea and the concept itself looks cool. I just don’t feel that we may be seeing something like this in near future unless Microsoft is playing with us and not releasing these cool new features through the firmware now. πŸ˜›

More news on this as time goes.

Zune Sneak Previewed By Few?

As many of you probably know, there was supposed to be some more information regarding the next-gen Zune on Monday. However, we didn’t really get any solid evidence.

But infact, there is now a new rumor going on saying that Microsoft did actually showcase their new upcoming device to a group to developers. However, there is still no empirical evidence regarding this, so keep your hats on as it may be yet another hoax. πŸ™

Hopefully, Microsoft will start to show some sort of new signs of the Zune this month because we’ve been waiting for May quite a while. I’m also personally hoping a new firmware with some new features too this month… Anyways, more on this as more info is released.

Win a Zune from JC!

Remember all those Zune giveaways back in November and December 2006? Well, there’s yet ANOTHER giveaway and there’s only a day left on it. If you’ve got a blog, it’s worth a shot! All you have to do is:

John Chow dot Com, a blog that helps you make money on the internet, is giving away a Microsoft Zune. To enter, all you have to do is write about it. This is my entry. Now give me my Zune!

John Chow Giving Zune Away

It’s that simple! Wired Zune is in it too. If we win, you know where the Zune will be going… πŸ˜‰ Maybe it’s time to do another giveaway since it’s nearly summer… πŸ˜›

Zunes Being Banned in School

“It doesn’t take long to get out of the loop with teenagers,” said Mountain View High School Principal Aaron Maybon. “They come up with new and creative ways to cheat pretty fast.”

Funny enough, it seems like the Zune (along with the iPod) have become a tool for cheating. Baseball cap brims and cellphone texting and notes are classic ways that teens have utilized their everyday tools to cheat in quizzes and tests.

Cheating Zune

However, it has been discovered by some school administrations that the students were downloading formulas and answers to problems in their portable media players and have been listening to them secretly while taking an examination.

Devices including iPods and Zunes can be hidden under clothing, with just an earbud and a wire snaking behind an ear and into a shirt collar to give them away, school officials say.

Especially regarding the Zune, with such an article appearing, it seems as if the students could even utilize the WiFi technology to their advantage… Saving images or notes via the JPEGBook or the ZuneChat to share answers with others seems like a possibility… Interesting…


Limited Zunes Continue With Adult Swim

Lately, many limited Zunes have been popping up here and there and yet again, we have another one. This time, Adult Swim! 500 of the Adult Swim versions of the Zune were produced by Microsoft. The Zunes had Adult Swim content as extra pre-loaded content.

Adult Swim Zune

By the picture from Engadget, it doesn’t look too special or different to a normal Zune other than “Adult Swim” written in small letters at the bottom right corner of the Zune.

Rapid Repair Replaces iPod Mods

iPod Mods, a support center for iPods primarily, has changed their brand to Rapid Repair. Being a Zune user, it may have been a bit odd going to iPod Mods when actually, you wanted your Zune fixed.

Rapid Repair Logo

“Beginning Tuesday, April 24, 2007, popular iPod repair and mod site iPod Mods will officially change its name to Rapid Repair and launch its new website at The change comes as the result of the company’s rapid expansion into product and service offerings that now extend past iPod product repairs and modifications.”

What does this mean? We can deduce from this that Rapid Repair will continue its line of support for the Zune. Not just this version, but Zune 2 and the Zunes after that. For Creative, Samsung, and other consumers of various companies’ players, possibly Rapid Repair may be looking into such other media players too.

Clear Zune. Limited or Mod?

An interesting post popped up earlier today at Zune-Online regarding a possible limited clear version of the Zune. We know that Microsoft employees have special super-uber limited versions of the Zune, but this one eis just WOAH!

Clear Zune

Limited or just some crazy skinning, we’re not sure. But one thing for sure is that it looks pretty cool! πŸ™‚ See more pictures here.

Zune Can Now Go 100GB!

Of course, with voiding your warranty with Microsoft and going through a small tedious task of opening up your Zune. iPodMods have done it once again after a successful 40GB, 60GB, and 80GB drives, but now they are back with 100GB for your Zune. The party over there was able to get a fat 100GB to actually fit inside the Zune case!

100GB for Zune

With this baby, you can now hold approximately 17,500 songs or about 230 HOURS of video (bringing the capacities to about 25K songs and 330 hours of video)! For $299.99 USD, you can get a Toshiba drive for your Zune straight from iPodMods with a free Zune or an iPod battery. But, the question lies… Is it truly worth it…?

RUMOR: Pink and Orange Zune Pictures.

The upcoming pink and the orange versions of the Zune have been released… Sort of… ZuneScene actually reported of some pictures of the two upcoming Zunes. The two new colors are promising as they both hold the Zune logo’s color scheme.

However, one must raise an eyebrow here. Zune-Online recently posted of a possible Photoshop work by a clever editor. While the pictures of the new Zunes do look fascinating… Well… the two exact images with different colored Zunes kind of gives away the whole anticipation…

Pink Zune HoaxedOrange Zune Hoax
(Click on the images for a higher resolution)

It is clearly evident that one of the two images is a Photoshop product as by looking at the dust on the Zune’s screen, it is exactly the same. Believe it or not, you decide. Just to add as a side note, ZuneScene never claimed that they have gotten the insider pictures on the Pink and the Watermelon Red…

Update: If you click on the Pink picture to view it at a higher resolution, if you look closely at the double-effect on the end, you can see that it has an orange pigment. So is this the real Pink Zune? No.

ZuneScene Picture Hoax

False until more news is released.

Pre-Order Your Pink Zune Now!

I’d just like to inform you all that you can pre-order your baby Pink Zunes now through Amazon (no referral links!). I’m personally not a fan of this light Pink version though (although the true Pink is hot!)

Light Pink Colored Zune

However, as there is news on a new “vibrant” color to the Zune line, I’d say just hold your horses before you go typing in those card numbers. Wait as you may regret your purchase as afterall, who knows. A real orange or some other awesome version might come out and before you even know it, you might be screaming “Doh!”

Microsoft’s New Campagin & Colors!

The baby pink version of the Zune is expected to be released on May 1, 2007, but Microsoft have announced that they will be adding more colors to their rather limited variety as of.

The Zune, which is currently available in white, brown and black, will soon sport prettier colors. A baby-pink version will be available in May, and another vibrant color will be introduced a few weeks later.

“It could help with reaching more of their target demographic,” says Ross Rubin, an analyst with NPD Group. “Colors like pink could help increase the device’s appeal with women.”

The increase in the variety of colors for a potential Zune buyer will certainly augment the sales rate. As the article states, certainly Creative and other various smaller companieis have been affected by the release of the Zune, rather than Apple and their iPod. I’m thinking we could expect a light orange to go with the light pink? Possibly a purple too? Or maybe (product) red version of the Zune to help AIDs or even a blue version might be nice!

To add on to it, Microsoft looks to be expanding their exposure for the Zune once again. Reindorp claims that the expenses won’t be as much as when the Zune was first launched, but that it will be enough to get it noticed. Also, Microsoft does seem to realize that the Zune has a lot of catch up to do in terms of features.

“We are developing Zune as an ‘entertainment’ brand, which means it will include music, video and games,” Reindorp says. “But will there be Xbox-like games on the device? We don’t know yet. We are still thinking through our games strategy.”

Will such a feature be presented in the current generation of the Zune? To be honest, something tells me that it will be very unlikely in this one. Maybe in a future flash version or the 2nd generation of HDD version of Zunes, we may. Probably nothing close to the Xbox 360, but maybe something along the lines of Playstation Portable sounds reasonable. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to Microsoft actually adding simple new features such as a time or a text viewer or even an A-B function within the current generation through the firmware updates. Hopefully from version 1.4, we’ll see some things like this…


BREAKING NEWS: Zune Discontinued…

I just came in and turned on the TV and was simply surprised by what was on the news. Microsoft have stated that the Zune brand will be discontinued…?!

I have yet to find further information on this on the web as of, since the news itself was a rather “breaking news” too. But according to the report, Microsoft have decided to abandon the brand Zune and have decided to change its media player path so that it’ll be integrated with something mobile; something that will be able to compete against the iPhone. The report has suggested that possibly a this new phone to compete with the upcoming Apple iPhone will not have much to do with the Zune. According to a Microsoft employee, the Zune was simply a way for Microsoft to test the media player water before going in to the media player plus mobile phone market. There has also been reports that the Wi-Fi in this new gadget, unlike the rather useless Wi-Fi from the abandoned Zune project, will instead offer brand new capabilities. While nothing has been confirmed, but it has been said that talks such as wireless syncing with a computer and purchasing games via a Wi-Fi hotspot rather than using the phone browser has been brought up.

Microsoft abandoning the Zune project as a whole… I personally feel pretty betrayed about all this. What was all the talk about firmware updates? What happened to Zune in the future with better Wi-Fi? What happened to all that social? Why did Microsoft dump the whole project which they’ve spent quite a sum of money on already? Why not just release the 2nd generation of the Zune if they feel that the market share isn’t as high as they expected?

More to follow as I find more news on it. I wonder what will happen to the Marketplace and all the Points I’ve already spent on it…

1.3 Firmware “Finally” Released!

The highly anticipated firmware update version 1.3 is finally out for you Zuners out there! I was notified by the software itself that there was an update needed for my Zune. But just incase you weren’t informed in anyway, when the Zune software detects that your Zune is connected, right-click on your Zune name below the Marketplace, and click “Check for Zune Device Updates” and that should get you rolling.

The three proposed fixes for this update are the “skipping issue” (which I’ve personally never dealt with so far with my tracks (including ones from the Marketplace) along with an improved reliability and syncing and the FM tuner draining your Zune battery when in sleep mode. Nonetheless, they are very important updates, but other than the reliability ones, I haven’t been affected yet.

Also, maybe as a sort of an apology from the Zune team, the software has been updated to 1.3 too! 1.3 Day for the Zune?! I don’t see any differences as of, but will update you all on the differences as I spend some time with it. πŸ™‚

Any comments on this? Check out our forums to discuss the latest update.

eBook? Nah.. But JPEGBook!

Unfortunately, I personally feel that such an option will not be available with the first generation of the Zune, although it’d be great. What am I talking about? An eBook function that many PMPs seem to have nowadays. But, not too much to worry about now. πŸ™‚


JPEGBook (download) is a third party program which will automatically convert your text into a JPEG file suitable within the Zune dimensions. Now that’s called original! I’m not too sure on what to do with books that seem a bit too long, but I’m sure that if you can cope with reading hundreds of JPEGs, such quantities won’t be a problem. Also, some flair or excitement could be added to the whole deal, but I’m sure that such a program will continue to develop further. πŸ˜‰

Possibly Pink Zunes Coming Soon.

If you just bought one of those limited Pink Zunes off of eBay or something, then we might suggest not reading this issue. πŸ˜‰

Light Pink Colored Zune

Anyways, πŸ˜› it seems as if EBgames may come starting on May 1, 2007 with Pink Zunes for sale. The pink color of the Zune that was posted on their website seems a bit awkward compared to the “Pink” ones that we’ve been seeing before from here and there.

Not much information has yet been released. But personally I’m not too sure about this though. Microsoft had some success with the limited Pink (Orange) editions floating around, but it seems rather awkward to bring such a similar color up once again. Why not bring something hot again like the Black/Blue? Or something original like the Brown/Green?

“When’s the Next Firmware Update?!”

Like many other Zune owners, I for one have been looking forward to updating my Zune to version 1.3. Surely the 1.2 was great, and 1.3 will no doubt be better. I’m not a big Marketplace user though as I prefer to buy CDs and put them on my Zune, so I haven’t seen any “skipping issues” talked about so often. So while the update sounds good, I’m not in an “Oh my gosh! It’s late!” status. I absolutely agree with Jason from Zune Thoughts on his view on the way people are acting regarding the recent “late delivery” of the firmware update.

I ask whether such behavior towards the Zune team is at all necessary. They’ve been very flexible with many of us early Zune adopters and have been giving some great inside news and things to look forward to. Surely issues such as skipping should have been identified before hand and most definitely have been fixed in the previous firmwares. However, the Zune team has been quite generous to give us a heads up on a rough release to the 1.3 update and have been listening quite avidly on our feedbacks.

They’re truly working their butts off there to get this update released. But being humans, I also do believe that they can be caught up with other works which may spontaneously rise. Let’s not be too harsh on them. πŸ˜‰