Is the Zune HD a contender?

The Zune HD might just be a contender. It has everything good about the present version of Zune and then some. The PC client is more visually interesting than iTunes. You can also subscribe to unlimited music. In addition to this, the Zune pass also gives you 10 permanent downloads for just $14.99 a month.

The new features include high definition video output and HD Radio. One impressive feature of the Zune HD is that is just about two thirds the size of the iPod Touch. It is also slimmer. The brightness and color of the OLED screen is excellent.
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Video Converter Review Center Picks Best Zune Software

According to a recent WebWire news release, the editors at Video Converter Reviews have named the PQ DVD to Zune Converter as its selection as best DVD to Zune converter software and it has named Accelerate as the best Zune video converter program.

These programs allow Zune users to convert their favorite videos and clips to play on their Zune. The DVD converter allows users to rip DVDs to Zune’s video format.

There are a number of Zune converters on the market today. It’s always difficult to compare one program to the next. This is why it is always good to get a recommendation from a reputable software review site like this one.

Zune and XNA

Chris Satchell recently gave an in-depth Gamasutra interview. He discussed Zune community gaming. There was also a demo of Wolfenstein 3D and plans to make Zune dev very essential to the XNA Game Studio.

After the synthesis of the XNA game studio and Zune portability, more and more developers can easily develop games for the MS Zune. Although Satchell readily admits that the Zune is not primarily a gaming device, he says that test were surprising as the Zune proved to be very effective at entertaining gamers.
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The Zune As A Game Machine

Currently an important gaming convention is on in San Fransisco called the Game Developers Conference. Here many hugely entertaining games have been unveiled. For gamers there is more exciting news however. The Zune is to now assume a new avatar as a portable gaming machine.

The games for the Zune were developed using XNA. This is Microsoft’s solution for game makers which has resulted in a large number of new games from independent developers. There is only a slight possibility of seeing Xbox Live Arcade games on the Zune in portable versions. The Zune has processor limitations. XNA however, is a home development solution. Anybody with more gray cells than the average human can develop super cheap games for the Zune, perhaps even free ones.

For Apples iDevices, it already runs a limited gaming scheme. Some games like Sonic The Hedgehog appear on iTunes. This is the next battleground between Microsoft and Apple. The games for the Zune are not likely to appear until the end of the year. In our estimation, they will be launched in Europe only by 2010.

However, this is a great development in the sense that the XNA game studio will be a bridge between the PC, Xbox and Zune as far as gaming is concerned.

Is It A Storage Device Or An iPod? Look Its Zune!

Like any curious user of the Zune you have probably wanted to use other programs with your Zune separate from the Zune Software. Well there is good news for you. You can use another program with your Zune with a few easy software hacks. There is now a program that lets your Zune work with other programs, by tricking it!

The name of this program is zAlternator. It gives the Zune the functionality to work with iTunes, Media Monkey and Windows Media Player.
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Zune Software: What Are Some of the Better Software Titles for the Zune?

Once you get your Zune player, the next thing you will want to do is pack as much music, videos, and photos in it to start using it. However, before you can do so, you will want to get a Zune software program in order for you to synchronize your Zune player to your computer and start transferring your favorite music, videos, and photos from your computer to your new Zune player.

However, you need to remember that simply connecting your Zune to your PC will not work. You will need a software program which can synchronize your computer to the Zune player.

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Play PowerPoint on Zune

Have you ever had a PowerPoint presentation that someone gave you that you would like to view on your Zune? I recently ran into this dilemma.

Powerpoint to Zune I did a quick Google search and found a really cool and inexpensive software that can easily convert PPT to Zune format.

The software is developed by Wondershare which is a terrific company that produces a lot of Zune, iPod and other tech and gadget related software.

You can get a free download of this software at:

Zune Video Converter Software

At WiredZune, we’re always looking for cool software and add-ons for your Zune. One type of software that we really feel is a must for Zune owners is Zune video converter software.

Cucusoft Zune Video ConverterThis type of software allows you to convert DVD to Zune, MPEG to Zune, AVI to Zune, WMV to Zune and many more video types to Zune video format.

One of the most popular titles for Zune video converter is the Cucusoft Zune Video Converter Suite. This software combines the power of both video and DVD conversion. It can convert both DVDs and video files to Zune format. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune File Recovery Software

Zune file recovery softwareAs a Zune owner, you surely love carrying around your music, photos and video collection anywhere you go. There is, however, a concern facing many Zune owners. That concern is what happens if their Zune crashes or stops working?

Data loss can happen to Zune. Whether it is accidental deletion, file corruption, formatting or improper handling of Zune data files, data loss can eventually happen. This is why you will want to have software like the Data Doctor’s Zune Data Recovery software. With this software, you will be able to restore your lost Zune files.

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