Designed for Zune

You know those little Microsoft “authentic” signs that come on your CPU box, pre-made PCs, keyboards, etc.? Well, Microsoft got one for Zune too now! πŸ™‚ Since Microsoft began to contact dealers to make Zune accessories, the coming of this sign was pretty evident. Here we have it for you! πŸ˜‰

Designed for Zune

Also, a company based in Australia, known as VAF, have confirmed that they will be partnering with Microsoft in building accessories. VAF have begun to develop a desktop stereo set. Known as Octavio, it will basically be a big speaker that you can place your Zune on so that music from your Zune will stream out through the speakers, putting some “bang” into your room! πŸ™‚ Octavio’s ETA is late-2006 only in the U.S., as Zune will be avaliable only in the U.S. in year 2006. For further information, check out VAF’s Zune page.


Zune Mass Producing…

Zune is currently in the process of being mass produced. It seems like all the tests, the bug fixes, etc. are now over. In the first picture, you can actually see the Zune screen! πŸ™‚

Zune Factory

Zune Factory

Now that’s called some pretty intense building! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see it on the shelves in November! (Hopefully)

Silly Silly Amazon

Thanks to Engadget, we’ve been informed of a rather, silly news. πŸ˜›

Apple's Zune

What’s wrong with the above picture?

Sadly enough, Amazon thought that Microsoft Zune is from Apple, the makers of iPod. It’s been fixed now, but it was fun while it was alive. πŸ˜€

Gear Live w/ Zune

Not as great as our previous footage on the Zune, but still, this is really slick. The guys at Gear Live decided to go to an employee in the Zune team to check out the Zune! As mentioned already, it isn’t as good as the clips before, but hey, still, this is pretty cool!

Gear LiveΒ 

Major Zune Giveaway!

Well, at the Ellene DeGeneres Show’s tech corner, they decided to introduce Microsoft Zune.


Well, at the end, all the laides/women in the studios got a free, and yes, free Brown version of Mcirosoft Zune. I guess that by microsoft willing to give these free copies of the Brown Zune for free, it’s all just to get a Zune hype going.
Well, at least it seems like it! πŸ™‚

Zune from CrunchGear

Hey guys. πŸ™‚ Welcome back to Wired Zune!

Today, I was looking at Gizmodo’s daily news on other Zune competing gadgets and noticed something that I never saw!

Zune Dock?

CrunchGear managed to get a Zune to get a review done. Pretty cool and finally for once, another Zune view.

At the bottom, there’s this little port(?) like thing, just like in the iPod. Zune will be recharged not only the same way as iPod and many other players, but it also hints to us the possibility of a Zune dock. Now that’d be pretty cool too. πŸ˜‰ Especially with that keyboard dock we posted about before.

Zune Final Price: $229.99

A few days ago, we had a post about Wal-mart listing Zune at $284.00. From this, we guessed that the Zune will probably cost about $299.99. But I guess we were wrong.

Zune Brown

Because of Apple dropping their nextgen iPod from the high $200 region to now, $249, Microsoft also dropped their price to $229.99, according to Gizmodo.

Due to this, Microsot may cut some pre-loaded content.

Zune Incompatible With Mac

Bad news for Mac users here. Well, that is, if you were even planning on purchasing a Zune in the first place.

Zune Baclk

Unforuatenly, because Microsoft have not yet made a Mac compatible version of Zune Marketplace, it is said that Zune will be for a while at least, only avalible on the Windows platform.

But if you’re using a Mac instead of Windows, most likely you already have an iPod. πŸ˜› But just to let you Mac-using-waiting-Zune fanatics know. πŸ™‚

Wal-mart Tags 284 to Zune? Talks of Zune Phone.

Recently, with some news at Gizmodo, we have been receiving many emails on Zune being released at Wal-mart. Well, guess what? I guess that Wal-mart will be looking to distribute these!

Box of Zunes

Wal-mart Zune Screenshot

The above image is a screenshot that Engadget managed to take. Right now, with all the speculation, it seems like Wal-mart decided to take the item down. But as you can see from the picture, Zune is listed at $284.00. Before you get all hyped up, it’s only at a “Learn More” stage unlike the Zen beside it, which you can order now. Or wait for Zune. πŸ˜‰ Anyways this pricing makes us wonder about an entry a few weeks ago. I guess that the pricing on that entry may be indeed the final pricing.

Please note that Microsoft have not yet commented on this, so we can’t be too sure that it’ll be a penny below $300 just yet! But it seems like it’ll most likely be that price! πŸ™‚

Also, further talks regarding the Zune Phone has been going around. So far, Microsoft seems to be saying that there will be one. But so far, nothing is unconfirmed. But here’s a picture for you to enjoy. πŸ™‚

Zune Phone

Check back daily for your daily Zune feeds at Wired Zune! πŸ™‚

Zune: All About Sharing!

Recently, Zune’s UI (user interface) has been leaked through YouTube.


Probably one of the most interesting parts of this little clip is viewing a video file using a “wide-screen” point of view. This is pretty cool because iriver and iPod video never really thought this up when they were creating their “video” players. Also, you can see that here, the Zune is connecting with another Zune nearby. You can see that there is a transfer of 8 images in the process. Pretty cool?

Like Microsoft has been promoting the whole time, Zune will also have some awesome sharing capabilities, as we mentioned here.


This is quite an awesome clip. Really shows Microsoft’s power in getting people “engaged” with each other through Zune.

These are just teasers to get your mouth all watery. πŸ˜‰ Hope you enjoyed them. We’ll have a closer coverage regarding Zune sometime in the next couple days on what WE think about Zune.

Marketplace kicks iTunes butt! Zune is Shexy!

We have a hold of a render of the Zune Marketplace along with some sexy picture of the three Zunes at peace!

Zune Marketplace

This render of the marketplace looks really cool! Pesronally, I think it looks far much better than iTunes. πŸ˜€

Zune White

Zune Brown

Zune Black

These are some high quality Zune pictures from Microsoft. Pretty neat! πŸ˜‰

I also have some site news for you. You guys are all probably wondering, “Why didn’t Wired Zune put up the YouTube Zune demo videos?”

Well, it was simply because our plugin decided to screw up on us at this important time, so we’ve contacted our coder to get working on the plugin. πŸ˜‰ 2. Once we have it fixed, we’ll have the videos back up for your pleasure.

‘Till then! πŸ™‚

General Site News

Hey all you Zune fans out there! It’s been quite a while. πŸ˜›

Just a heads up update on the website.

  • Forums
  • Downtime & Servers

The forums for Wired Zune are coming along very well. Recently, we were acquire the domain So, when the forums launch, it’ll be accessible both as and We’re trying to acquire some domains such as and

Now, regarding downtime and servers. Recently, our server has been crashing often. That’s because we were on a Pentium 4 2.8. We’ev now purchased a new Dual Opteron server. You should see some amazing speeds now. πŸ˜‰

Nothing more to say. Enjoy your time at Wired Zune!

Zune Officially Announced

It’s here! It’s here! Well, nearly…

Zune Official

The Microsoft Zune is one of the hottest topics that are being discussed all over the world right now. And we’ve got more information on it!

Along with the three color options, 30GB HDD, built-in FM tuner, 3.0″ screen, and 802.11 wireless, we’ve also got more “specific” details on it!

First off, the wireless connection. Something that many competitors of Zune tried and haven’t yet suceeded. Since Zune is not officially out yet, it is hard to say anything about whether it’ll be a high quality feature or not, but we can tell you a few things. With your Zune, you’ll be able to share songs, personal recordings, playlists, and even pictures! The only “downside” would be that a track that you receive from another person/Zune, you’ll only be able to play it for up to three days. After that, you’ll need to buy it from the Zune Marketplace store, which by the way, is the official name for the online Zune stor.

Secondly, purchasing muic. I know that some of us download songs from various sites, from CDs that we buy, etc. But hey! Microsoft is offering something pretty cool! As mentioned a little bit above, the Zune Marketplace will be a place where you can purchase songs! Sort of like iTunes for the iPod. If you don’t like the pay-per-song idea, you can also buy this special pass known right now as the Zune Pass. This will enable you to, like Napster, download as many songs as you want for a certain full price.

We’ve also mentioned this, but don’t forget that your Zune will be coming pre-loaded with music from various records. Dig back our archives if you’re interested! πŸ˜‰

Also, accessories regarding Zune has been released. This includes:

  • Zune Car Pack – FM-tuner w/ AutoSeek and Zune Car Charger
  • Zune Home A/V Pack – Your Zune doesn’t only connect with your PC and the Xbox360! It will conenct with your TV or home stero system too!
  • Zune Travel Pack – Headphones, remotes, a Zune bag, sync cable, and AC adapter!

It is said that Microsoft is working closely with manufactureres such as Altec Lansing, Belkin, Griffin, and more.

Although a few weeks ago, we mentioned about the price and the release date, it seems like Microsoft is still holding on to those. Wired Zune will be sure to update you all if this news leaks or is officially posted by Microsoft.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy some more Zune pictures! πŸ™‚

Brown Zune

Zune Black and White


Zune Box Art

Now, it’s time to wait. πŸ™‚


With a month left until Microsoft Zune is released to the public, some may be getting a “peek” at the Zune a bit earlier!

According to the Seattle Weekly, the Toshiba 1089 will be showcased at an invite-only press conference.

To be honest, due to the enormous hype that Zune has been going through the last few months, what possibly can we know more about the “secret” device?

Wired Zune will look to find additional information regarding the first generation of Zune. This includes the extra little features that Zune will have, codec, the very final pricing, release date differences in areas, etc.

Stay Zuned! for more Zune info with Wired Zune!

Just a Notice…

Recently, you probably noticed some major errors being displayed on the Wired Zune site. This was due to our host being unresponsive for the last few days.

Hopefully, things will become to get better so that your time at Wired Zune can be more enjoyable. πŸ˜‰

We apologize for such a long time of technical problems. If an error such as this occurs once again, we’ll then be sure to act right away and switch hosts or do something about it at least to keep the site going.

Also, you probably noticed that the “Forums” link at the top changed to

The design is coming along very nicely right now. We hope to have it up sometime in the next two weeks and open for the registeration!

The Wired Zune Tech Team

Serena-Maneesh Comes To Zune!

It has been confirmed by our friends at Zune Insider and Madison and Pine that Serena-Maneesh, a Norwegian artist, will also feature in the first generation of Zune.


Looks like the future is getting brighter for Zune! πŸ˜‰

Regarding Wired Zune Forums

Many people have been continously asking questions regarding the forums. When will it be up? I want to connect! πŸ˜‰

Guys, let me tell you. I’ve decided to dish out another $160 USD to purchase an owned vBulletin license. I’m currently looking at customizing it quite a bit so it goes very well with the Wired Zune blog theme itself.

Donations will still be appreciated as every month, I pay another 9.95 USD for the hosting.

Wired Zune traffic is also steadily increasing so I’m highly considering renting a VPS in near future, so all donations will be appreciated. $1 or $10, it doesn’t matter. πŸ™‚ We’ll still thank you in our coming soon, Thank You page.

Anyways, heads up guys. πŸ™‚ Wired Zune Forum will be launching in a very near future!

Win Zune Stickers!

A good friend of Wired Zune and mine, Cesar Menendez, has started a “little” contest to get the Zune fever going. Recently, he received a lot of 10 Zune stickers with the Zune logo, and to the person who can create the best Zune Haiku, will receive these stickers.

I encourage every one of you to go check it out as how cool would it be to own a Zune sticker before Zune is even out?!

First Generation Zune. A Toshiba. Second? Probably Not.

Late yesterday, we posted regarding a Zune being a Toshiba 1089. Yes, it’s true.

Zune's Face

It seems like Zune will be manufactured by Toshiba like the Toshiba 1089 with a few additional options. According to many sources, it is being interpreted that Microsoft got Toshiba to manufacture it so that Zune would be ready to be on many people’s Christmas List.

After the first generation, Microsoft will most likely take care of all the production in-house. This means that we’re due to see some sort of another Zune like the iPod mini/Nano/Shuffle, which followed the original iPod series. With the device production going into the hands of Microsoft after the first generation, it’s pretty safe to bet that sometime in near future, Zune will come with some high-end gaming and video features.

Zune! Revealed by FCC as… Toshiba 1089?!

We have just been informed that a post at Engadget has revealed the in and out pictures of Zune. But we also have been notified that Zune has been revealed by the FCC as Toshiba 1089.

A wireless PMP with a 30GB HDD, FM tuner, and a 3-inch TFT LCD screen was revealed by FCC. Surprisingly enough, the characteristics of Zune. More surprising was the fact that the manufacturer wasn’t Microsoft. But Toshiba. This seems like it’ll be a way that Microsoft can again, maximize their profit from Zune. Toshiba manufacturing Zune, will definately allow Microsoft not to invest in any production lines.

Zune's Face

FCC revealed this product, along with pictures, as Toshiba 1089. The name isn’t Zune, but it surprisingly looks very much like the Zune. Not to forget, the Zune logo at the back.

We have heard this from Engadget and FCC, but still, to bring you REAL Zune updates, we’re a little bit unsure as of. But since it’s even on the FCC website, oh well…

Here are more images that you can enjoy.

Zune Diagonal Zune Rear

Zune Inside Zune System Board

Zune Inside Yet another..

Zune Test 1 Zune Test 2

Zune Test 3 Zune Back

Interesting… There’s no logo of Zune on the last image…