Latest Spots for Zune by Nervo!

Nando Costa’s much popular offshoot; Nervo (the animation and design studio) has recently come out with six animated films. These are a part of the branding package for Microsoft’s Zune Creative campaign which includes its portable video and music player. The people at Nervo stated that these videos will be use intensively at Zune’s promotional events and even marketing projects.

Nervo was very happy with the creative freedom they got from the Zune Creative team. The company officials said that since the brief of the project was quiet open, it allowed them to venture forth and explore a variety of animation techniques and a more subjective concept. They even had full freedom to use the sound and music effects of their choice which was a great relief. Creativity definitely works best under no pressure! Read the rest of this entry »

iHome gives Zune its First Clock Radio!

Zune users need not feel jealous of iPod users with their wide range of accessories any more. The leading provider of novel speaker solutions,iHome has come up with the first of its kind range of speaker systems designed especially for the Zune digital media player. The ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock Radio is an opponent to similar systems built for the iPod.

 Featuring great sound and an array of features, the ZN9 Dual-Alarm Clock Radio defines the iHomes’ wide product catalogue perfectly. This first-ever clock radio designed exclusively for the Zune allows users to slowly fall asleep or wake up to their desired music that is stored on their Zune or even that on the radio or buzzer. The clock allows you to set separate weekend and weekday alarm times. The extra-large LCD display has a back light with a dimmer so as not to strain tired eyes. The ZN9 Dual-Alarm Stereo Clock manages to deliver unparalleled clarity and depth because of its special Reson8(TM) speaker chambers. Read the rest of this entry »

Accessorizing your Zune!

There are a lot of things that you can love about the Zune but the feeling of being a lone vegetarian in a steakhouse is what might describe a Zune owner’s dilemma when shopping for Zune accessories. But despair not loyal Zune-sters. There is a wide range of good to bad Zune accessories available in the market thanks to most manufacturers who are busy chasing the iPod. 

 The most in-demand MP3 player accessories are in-car FM transmitters and speaker docks. In this category, Microsoft’s Home audio-visual Kit made for the Zune is a good buy. It comes with a portable USB wall charger, a remote control and a charging dock with both composite and component video outputs. If you are fond of using the Zune’s wireless sync feature, then the charging docks which include speaker docks are a great option. The synching is atomically triggered on as soon as you dock your Zune. Topping the list in this department is the iHome ZN9 Zune alarm clock that is a strong contender for iPod’s best offering.  Read the rest of this entry »

“Song Squirting” New Age Zune

So just what is Song Squirting? Simple, it is the latest new age technology offered by the Zune. How it works is like this – it allows you to transfer songs wirelessly to nearby Zunes.  Song Squirting is the sole application of the wireless connectivity offered by the Zune.  iPod maniacs – you don’t get this on your machine, so if Song Squirting is something you want, get a Zune!

Let me expand a little more on the amazing feature of my favorite device. Song Squirting is tune sharing with a difference.  The Zune’s built in wi-fi alerts you of every other Zune in a thirty feet radius. To every Zune nearby, you can send a photo, podcast or song in just 10-15 seconds. This is Squirting.

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Stylish Zune!

The present day Zune has come a long way. From the time when it was ‘zero’ competition to iPod, today it enjoys a relatively better popularity. As a digital mp3 player, Zune gives us music that is meant to inspire and comfort us. But if we go back to Zune’s first model, it was anything but ‘inspired’.

 The first Zune player released in 2006 was a dull shade of brown that aroused much amusement and ridicule. Unpleasant to the eyes, consequently its sales also suffered. However the ingenious minds at Microsoft were quick to make good their mistake and have since then come up with infinitely more appealing colors like pink, red and black for the Zune. They have even collaborated with noted artists to come up with different colors and designs that are etched on the Zune using laser technology to create a limited edition of these spectacular one-of-a-kind Zune’s. Read the rest of this entry »

Protective Shield for Zune

You can finally forgive your friend who accidentally sat on your beloved Zune mp3 player causing its delicate glass shield to break and making you suffer from angst’s of despair at the irreversible damage. The people at PDASmart are here to the rescue. They have recently announced the creation of a plastic lens to replace the easily broken glass shields in Zune mps players (80 GB).

Bringing a sigh of relief to thousands of Zune users, this new acrylic lens is readily available at your local market.Troubled customers can easily purchase the parts individually and not be forced to spend too much money. Providing your beloved Zune player with the best protection, this acrylic plastic replacement fits the player perfectly like the glass.

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Zune L.A.

Club hopping is passe. Todays hep, would be glitteratti, prefer to attend events that feel rich – Like a gathering at a gallery. This is the tune lifestyle marketers are playing in the heads of the chic. Brands are now marrying music and nights in all their glory to themselves.

It is no easy job to be in a market with the iPod. So Microsoft is creating an image of itself by associating the Zune with nightlife. There is now a space in L.A. with the Zune name. The night-space is called “Zune L.A.” and was formerly a photo studio.
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Limited Edition Zune

A Peter Saville designed limited edition Zune  will be released in commemoration of the “Joy Division” DVD release. On every Limited Edition Zune, the film will come preloaded. The custom Zune will be black in color and will feature Peter Saville’s artwork.

There will be only five hundred such players on sale. The sale date is June 17th onwards and each Zune will sell for $399 online at and at There will be exclusive DVD outtakes on the Zune marketplace as well.
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Zune Ads Clarification

In a recent statement, Microsoft had talked about launching a Zune Social advertising pilot program in summer 2008. This program aims to expand Zune Social profiles by including advertising, events and artist pages. This idea did not receive a nod from users.
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GameStop No Longer Sells The Zune

The Zune was touted as Microsoft’s answer to the iPod. In one sign that it is failing to provide competition, GameStop will no longer sell the Microsoft Zune. GameStop has 4500 locations and is a huge video game retail chain.

This axe falling on the Zune is the latest in a long drawn out battle which the zune now seems to be losing against the iPod. The zune was launched in 2006 and tried to break the iPods monopoly over the portable music player market. Microsoft introduced it’s online video store in a bid to woo customers.
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New 4GB and 8GB Zune Players!

The new Zune players have been released by Microsoft to retailers. In addition the software for both players and PC’s has been updated. These 4GB and 8GB players represent the inception of flash Zunes. They have the same Wi-Fi support, FM radio and video playback. The resolution and feature set is great as usual.

There is a new concept Zune pad. This is a hybrid controller that allows users to click or swipe the surface in order to navigate menus. In addition users can wirelessly sync content.
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TV Shows Now Part Of Zune Marketplace

The Zune Marketplace now has TV shows as download-to-own items. Approximately 800 TV episodes are available for download. These include latest episodes from NBC’s Heroes, 30 Rock, Comedy Standup as well as other popular shows. MTV, Turner Broadcasting and Starz Media are also partners in this venture. The cost of an episode is 160 Microsoft Points which works out to approximately $1.99.
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Video Converter Review Center Picks Best Zune Software

According to a recent WebWire news release, the editors at Video Converter Reviews have named the PQ DVD to Zune Converter as its selection as best DVD to Zune converter software and it has named Accelerate as the best Zune video converter program.

These programs allow Zune users to convert their favorite videos and clips to play on their Zune. The DVD converter allows users to rip DVDs to Zune’s video format.

There are a number of Zune converters on the market today. It’s always difficult to compare one program to the next. This is why it is always good to get a recommendation from a reputable software review site like this one.

New Zune Radio Alarm Clock Coming Soon

For months now, we’ve gotten requests from loyal readers asking whether or not an alarm clock dock for the Zune was available, like it is for the iPod.

We’re happy to report that it appears the wait will soon be over. The Official Microsoft Zune Insider site recently announced that a new alarm clock with Zune dock station is coming soon. The rumor is it will hit store shelves this June and will be widely available this Christmas season.

As soon as it is available, we will provide purchase links here.

Zune Videos: What Should You Watch on your Zune?

We here at frequently get asked by new Zune users what type of video they can get to play on their Zune.

The truth is there are not many good Zune movie download sites out there right now. Quite frankly, there are a lot of scams. You should beware of any site claiming free unlimited downloads of movies to your Zune for a fixed monthly fee. These sites typcially are just selling you information on how to access free file sharing sites and download movies. This can be dangerous for you so proceed with caution.

Probably the best way to enjoy movies on your Zune is to download a Zune movie converter program and convert movies you download in iTunes to Zune format or convert your own videos and DVDs to Zune’s format.

There are a number of options out there. Some of these programs are free (open source) while others cost $30 to $40 USD. The free ones sometimes are not as user friendly as the others, but are defintely worth checking out.

Zune Mistaken

Eric found a great deal on a refurbished Zune. After placing an order on he received his package after a few days. In it was a $8 Zune cable. The following is from a letter he wrote.

He says that he placed an order fro a 30 gb Zune as a gift for his wife. After a few days when the package showed up he had only the sync cable for the Zune in it which is worth just $7.99.
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UK To Wait For Zune Till 2009

The Zune has been a big success in the US. UK consumers will have to wait till 2009 for the Zune, it seems. Reports from France suggest that the launch of the Zune MP3 players in Europe has been deferred to 2009.

Earlier sources had suggested that Microsoft was to launch the Zune in the UK sometime this year. However those waiting for the Zune will have to wait a bit more as the popular MP3 player from Microsoft will be launched in the UK only in 2009.
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Zune and XNA

Chris Satchell recently gave an in-depth Gamasutra interview. He discussed Zune community gaming. There was also a demo of Wolfenstein 3D and plans to make Zune dev very essential to the XNA Game Studio.

After the synthesis of the XNA game studio and Zune portability, more and more developers can easily develop games for the MS Zune. Although Satchell readily admits that the Zune is not primarily a gaming device, he says that test were surprising as the Zune proved to be very effective at entertaining gamers.
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Why You Should Be Wary Of Free Downloads

After you buy your Zune, you need to fill er up with music. Now music is substantially cheaper than gas these days, but it is still expensive. It could cost you $0.99 per music download. However, for some there is another way out.

Some people like to download free music movies, videos and games. There are also free sites that offer these downloads. However you should know what you risk when you download from such sites.
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Cheap Music For Your Zune

For those who have bought the new Zune, they know how much good music on the Zune means to them. However it is often expensive to get good music for the Zune. Everyone wants their favorite songs – Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven or any other on their Zune. Sometimes it hurts the wallet, though.

Zune downloads are available aplenty from sites like Napster and even Microsoft’s own Zune Marketplace. Each download costs about $0.99. When you download Zune music in the scores this can turn out to be extremely expensive, especially if you are a teen.

At first sight free sites seem like a good option for downloading Zune music but these sites are often chock a block with viruses and malware so be careful! One great option is to rip music from a CD that you already own. This is a great option for Zune music.

You should know that the file formats you rip to must be compatible with the Zune. Another great option is downloading the Zune music from sites that charge only a one time fee and offer unlimited downloads. This is a great cheap option for Zune Music downloads.