Zune Software: What Are Some of the Better Software Titles for the Zune?

Once you get your Zune player, the next thing you will want to do is pack as much music, videos, and photos in it to start using it. However, before you can do so, you will want to get a Zune software program in order for you to synchronize your Zune player to your computer and start transferring your favorite music, videos, and photos from your computer to your new Zune player.

However, you need to remember that simply connecting your Zune to your PC will not work. You will need a software program which can synchronize your computer to the Zune player.

Basically, when you purchase your Zune player, a Zune software program will be included. With this, you will be able to effectively organize your media files and it will also keep you updated of the new media available for your Zune player. Read the rest of this entry »

Watch Movies on Zune: How to Watch Your Favorite DVD Movies in Your Zune Player

It would be great if you could store your favorite DVD movies on your Zune and watch them wherever you want, whenever you want.

However, you need to know that Zune players cannot support DVD format movies. Although it will be possible for you to store DVD format movies in your Zune player, it will still be unreadable and it will just be a waste of precious disk space…unless you  convert it. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune Help & Repair Tips

Although Zune is considered to be one of the best multimedia players available today, you need to remember that it is still an electronic device that is liable to malfunction or get damaged.

Whatever the cause for damage, you will see that there are certain people and companies that will be able to repair your Zune player. In fact, you will also be able to upgrade your Zune player as you get it repaired. Read the rest of this entry »

Why The 80 GB Zune is Unavailable

A miscalculation by Microsoft about the demand for Zunes is responsible for the Zune shortage. This has resulted in backordering of the Zune at most retailers.

The criticism of the first Zune by many resulted in too much caution by Microsoft and the resulting production of too few Zunes. The three new Zunes – the 4 and 8 gb flash based models and the 80 GB Zune classic are all in short supply.
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YouTube on Zune: How to Convert YouTube to Zune Format

It is a fact that YouTube provides great entertainment. Here, you will be able to find different kinds of videos. From home videos, to the latest music videos and movie trailers, you can be sure that you will be able to find your favorite videos on YouTube.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you can somehow get YouTube videos and put it in your Zune player? By doing this, you will be able to watch and even share your favorite YouTube videos wherever you are. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow video downloads in their website. However, there is a way to download YouTube videos but it will be in FLV format. After you download them, you can use a YouTube video converter to convert them to other formats supported by the Zune, iPod, PSP and others. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune – From Microsofts Mistakes to Microsofts Success

Microsoft needs to be highly commended at the job they have done with the new Zunes. When the first Zunes came out they were nothing more than an ugly unstreamlined plastic brick that doubled up as a music player. Now that story has changed.

The new Zunes are 4gb and 8gb and based of Flash. There is also an 80 gb Zune classic. The new Zunes are red hot sexy and great looking. The five way rocker switch control has given way to a touchpad that you can scroll and set volume by sliding your finger across it. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune Skin Cases: Personalizing Your Zune Player and Stand Out From the Crowd

If you are the type of person who wants to stand out from the crowd, you will see that Zune skin cases will be able to provide you with this benefit.

There are quite a lot of Zune skin cases available for sale today. Each has unique designs and features, which will definitely add more convenience as well as add some style and protection to your Zune player.

Zune skin cases are available in hard cases, and it is also available in silicone cases which can protect it from accidental bumps and also protect the Zune player from scratches and dust. Read the rest of this entry »

PlayForSure To Be Rebranded By Microsoft

In the race to be No 1 in the market, Microsoft is rebranding PlayForSure. This is an effort to move ahead of Apple and iTunes.

The Rebranding will see the cessation of the PlayForSure logo and the use of a “Certified for Windows Vista” logo in its place.
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Microsoft Zune: Who’s Laughing Now?

The Apple-Microsoft wars are heating up and things are not so good whichever side you are on. If you are in the Zune pack, you will be hard pressed to get one this season. If you are in the Apple pack, you will just watch the Microsoft guy buying a Zune, cheaper, more functional, better.

A 16GB Apple iPod Touch will set you back by $399! On the other hand for $249 you can buy a Microsoft Zune  with 80 GB of storage space!
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Zune Upgrades: Making Your Zune More Powerful

Have you ever thought about upgrading your Zune player? If you haven’t, then you are missing out a lot on the capabilities of your Zune.

Although Zune is indeed upgradeable, it is important to remember that doing so will void the warranty provided by the manufacturer or the distributor.

Like any other electronic equipment, the Zune player is very sensitive and tampering with it in order to upgrade it will only increase the risk of damaging it. Read the rest of this entry »

Love in The Time of Zune

Love has taken an interesting turn in the time of the Microsoft Zune and people are finding newer ways to get married.

A Gizmodo reader, popped the question to his girl with the help of a pink Zune original. He had uploaded a video to the player that had a romantic ballad as the score. When the lady in question heard the music fade out, she was instructed to turn the Zune over.
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Zune Arts Videos All The Rage

Microsoft has been a laggard at selling the Zune well in the past. All that has changed with a new and surprisingly fresh campaign that sells the Zune using indie tunes and animation. People are talking about this new, fresh move from Microsoft online.

At http://www.zune-arts.net you will find many experimental videos from a number of artists. This kind of fantastic art that is being churned out has viral potential according to some.
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The Zune is The New Bestselling MP3 Player on Amazon

Amidst a number of rave reviews the new Zune is the number one bestselling MP3 Player in the Amazon.com bestseller list.

Microsoft has worked hard and learned from customer reviews to produce a great gadget. Although the overall sales of Zune trail Apple by quite a bit, the Zune has surprised many by it’s sellability.
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Zune FM Transmitters: Sharing Your Music via Radio

Imagine going on a long road trip with your family and friends on 2 or even 3 cars. You suddenly noticed that the radio signal in the area you’re driving doesn’t exist anymore or only provides very low quality audio.

Surely, after long hours of driving, the music in the radio will definitely help to ease boredom and get you going to the next stop.

So, in order to keep entertaining your fellow drivers who is following you in the other cars is by sharing your music with them that is stored in your Zune. However, what if your friends in the other cars don’t have any Zune player? Read the rest of this entry »

Zune Playlist Problems: How to Solve Playlist Issues in Your Zune

You know for a fact that Zune is a great device that can enable you to create your own playlist and listen to your favorite songs while you are on the go. However, no matter how great a device is, you have to consider that the Zune is not yet perfected.

There are some playlist problems that you may come across with the Zune player. Basically, you can have thousands of songs in your Zune player. However, you need to remember that creating playlists for the songs you want to queue for continuous play is not as convenient as it may seem. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune for Microsoft – A Good Problem to Have?

Microsoft is facing a similar problem with the Zune as Nintendo faced with the Wii a short while back. They are flying off the shelves faster than they can be made. The 80 GB Zune was not expected to be out of stock so fast. That was the reason Microsoft was focusing on the Flash based Zune players. The result is this – you will be lucky to get a Zune immediately from a retailer.

Microsoft is making an effort to correct this problem in a little over a week. Contrast this situation to the initial Zunes – people just did not want them. On Black Friday the Zunes (80 and 30 GB) were the second fastest to be sold on the internet. The fastest was the Nintendo Wii.
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Zune Downloads Guide

After buying your new Zune player, you have to admit the fact that you really can’t wait to pack it with your favorite movies, music, and photos and start using it right away.

With Zune, you will be able to watch your favorite videos, listen to your favorite music, and look at your favorite pictures as well as share it with your family and friends while you are on the go.

However, before you can start uploading music and videos to your Zune player, you will need to have the actual music and videos in your computer in order for you to transfer it to your Zune player. But what if you don’t have any music or video files in your computer? Surely your best option would be to download it from the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Zune Cases: Personalizing Your Zune Player

If you really want to make your Zune player your own, you may want to personalize it not by just placing the music and videos you like, but also by personalizing it physically.

You will see that there are Zune skins or cases that you can purchase in order to make your Zune look unique. You will have hundreds of choices on designs and you will see that Zune cases will be able to make your Zune player look like a new kind of Zune player. Read the rest of this entry »

The New Zunes: Differing Views

After the release of the new Zunes last week everyone has been wondering whether they are really competition to the iPod. According to Microsoft, they would be happy with just second place this year.

According to some responses, the large flash based Zune still sports a smaller screen than the new iPod Nano and this makes it less than the Nano in a sense. The iPod has been a leader for some time and the new Zunes are not superior to the iPod in any way according to some.
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Zune Car Charger: Keeping the Power On For Your Zune

The Zune player is indeed one of the most powerful personal multimedia devices existing today. With it, you will never get bored when traveling again. Just imagine yourself going on a long drive from one state to another.

Surely you would want to have some sort of entertainment while you drive in order to keep you free from boredom. With a Zune, you will be able to listen to your favorite music as well as watch your favorite videos while you are on the go. Read the rest of this entry »