1.3 Firmware “Finally” Released!

The highly anticipated firmware update version 1.3 is finally out for you Zuners out there! I was notified by the software itself that there was an update needed for my Zune. But just incase you weren’t informed in anyway, when the Zune software detects that your Zune is connected, right-click on your Zune name below the Marketplace, and click “Check for Zune Device Updates” and that should get you rolling.

The three proposed fixes for this update are the “skipping issue” (which I’ve personally never dealt with so far with my tracks (including ones from the Marketplace) along with an improved reliability and syncing and the FM tuner draining your Zune battery when in sleep mode. Nonetheless, they are very important updates, but other than the reliability ones, I haven’t been affected yet.

Also, maybe as a sort of an apology from the Zune team, the software has been updated to 1.3 too! 1.3 Day for the Zune?! I don’t see any differences as of, but will update you all on the differences as I spend some time with it. πŸ™‚

Any comments on this? Check out our forums to discuss the latest update.

eBook? Nah.. But JPEGBook!

Unfortunately, I personally feel that such an option will not be available with the first generation of the Zune, although it’d be great. What am I talking about? An eBook function that many PMPs seem to have nowadays. But, not too much to worry about now. πŸ™‚


JPEGBook (download) is a third party program which will automatically convert your text into a JPEG file suitable within the Zune dimensions. Now that’s called original! I’m not too sure on what to do with books that seem a bit too long, but I’m sure that if you can cope with reading hundreds of JPEGs, such quantities won’t be a problem. Also, some flair or excitement could be added to the whole deal, but I’m sure that such a program will continue to develop further. πŸ˜‰

Possibly Pink Zunes Coming Soon.

If you just bought one of those limited Pink Zunes off of eBay or something, then we might suggest not reading this issue. πŸ˜‰

Light Pink Colored Zune

Anyways, πŸ˜› it seems as if EBgames may come starting on May 1, 2007 with Pink Zunes for sale. The pink color of the Zune that was posted on their website seems a bit awkward compared to the “Pink” ones that we’ve been seeing before from here and there.

Not much information has yet been released. But personally I’m not too sure about this though. Microsoft had some success with the limited Pink (Orange) editions floating around, but it seems rather awkward to bring such a similar color up once again. Why not bring something hot again like the Black/Blue? Or something original like the Brown/Green?

“When’s the Next Firmware Update?!”

Like many other Zune owners, I for one have been looking forward to updating my Zune to version 1.3. Surely the 1.2 was great, and 1.3 will no doubt be better. I’m not a big Marketplace user though as I prefer to buy CDs and put them on my Zune, so I haven’t seen any “skipping issues” talked about so often. So while the update sounds good, I’m not in an “Oh my gosh! It’s late!” status. I absolutely agree with Jason from Zune Thoughts on his view on the way people are acting regarding the recent “late delivery” of the firmware update.

I ask whether such behavior towards the Zune team is at all necessary. They’ve been very flexible with many of us early Zune adopters and have been giving some great inside news and things to look forward to. Surely issues such as skipping should have been identified before hand and most definitely have been fixed in the previous firmwares. However, the Zune team has been quite generous to give us a heads up on a rough release to the 1.3 update and have been listening quite avidly on our feedbacks.

They’re truly working their butts off there to get this update released. But being humans, I also do believe that they can be caught up with other works which may spontaneously rise. Let’s not be too harsh on them. πŸ˜‰

Yet Another Zune Giveaway (YAZG)

I can still remember the time when the Zune was released. Loads of sites were giving away Zunes. Infact, Wired Zune was also one of the many sites that did a Zune giveaway (planning another one before the second gen. is released!) and have had some successful days after it.

But it seems like yet another Zune giveaway is on the net!

Kelly at A Yoga Coffee Outlook is giving away a Zune MP3 Player!

It’s a great idea it seems. If you include the text above in your blog and add a link to www.yogacoffeeoutlook.com and then post a comment on the post saying that you’ve done it, you may just as well win a Zune!

Well, the deadline is pretty long… You just have to post it on your blog by July 1, 2007 and you’re ready to wait.

We don’t recommend making hundreds of Blogger blogs and posting them all to increase your chances. Just a bit of fun and if luck is with you, you may very well be surprised in July. πŸ˜‰

Rumor: Zune Gen 2 in August?!

First off, nothing official here folks. But a rumor is a rumor and as a Zune blog, we can’t let this one go by. πŸ˜›

Despite the next firmware update drawing closer than ever, there are still people thinking that Zune is a project that has/will be abandoned pretty soon. But according to James, the release manage of the Zune who was quoted at ZuneInsider, “Microsoft is abandoning this generation of Zune” is a total blasphemy and he believes that they will continue to carry out the Zune line and add more features like they’ve done with the Xbox first generation and the addition of the Xbox Live.

Gizmodo‘s tipster have also “said to have” heard some secret peptalk going on at the Game Developers Conference 2007 on a Zune coming with games sometime in August. As it’s merely a rumor, nothing should really be taken seriously, but if Zune does indeed come with gaming, I think a small firmware update hopefully for some simple games for the first gen Zunes may be great too. Playing on a 3″ rather than a 2.5″ iPod Sudoku may be a bit more fun!

Another Special Zune for a Good Cause

There will be 35 limited black editions of the Zune from the Zune team. It looks like any ordinary black Zune, except at the back, it’ll have a special Tempt One’s (a graffiti artist) logo on it. A renowned graffiti artist, unfortunately, Tempt One has been in the hospital for over a year now due to a rare disease. This is a special promotion that is dedicated towards Tempt One.

Tempt One Black Zune Limited Edition

Tempt One Black Zune Limited Edition

On March 10, 2007, the Zune team will be putting these up for offers.

[via ZuneInsider]

Apple and Microsoft. The Neverending Story.

The battle between the Apple and Microsoft seems to be one that will unfortunately be inevitable as more and more generations of the two players are produced.

The US Patent & Trademarket Office on March 1, 2007 granted Apple regarding the double shot effect that we see in the Brown and the Black Zunes today. Unfortunately, Apple applied for such a patent back in 2005 – a year before the Zune was even announced – and with the patent now being granted, it seems as if Microsoft may hit a hard sales block.

Zune Doubleshot Effect

If excluding the Wi-Fi features, Microsoft has been revered for their creativity with the double shot effect. But unfortunately, with the patent now being released nearly five months after the release of the Zune, it makes us wonder if we’ll see such an effect with the next-gen Zunes.

[Patent Link]

Vaja i-Volution is Gorgeous

Makers of the Balance case which we have reviewed, Vaja has released another line of cases for the Zune! The i-Volution!

From the pictures of it, it seems as if extra protection has been added for the Zune, but what I’m really digging right now is the double colors!

Vaja i-Volution Case for Zune

The price of the case begins at $70, but can be customizable to suit your needs.

Zune Styles – The Social Powered Database.

Phew. It’s been a long time since the last post, so I decided to make a quick post about anything. πŸ˜‰

So, the Zune world hasn’t been the most exciting for the last several days. But I decided to treat you all with a little update.

Wired Zune has been recently working on a division site of ours, Zune Styles. It’s a place where one and all can contribute to a daily growing styles, themes, backgrounds, mods, etc. for the Zune.

We’ve been receiving some great feedbacks, but the site is still in its BETA form as we’re experimenting with it here and there, but if you’re looking for some cool backgrounds for your Zune or if you’re a designer, we urge you to go check it out. We already have some contributions made by ZS users, but we’re hoping to see some from YOU!

Check it out. πŸ™‚

Win a FREE Zune from Microsoft!

Microsoft must’ve thought that we were in need of more of those free Zune contests. πŸ˜‰

Make MSN your homepage… And you could win* a Zune!

So, for just the heck of it, I entered. Why don’t you? Odds are like in the nano world probably πŸ˜€ but you never know whatΒ  could happen!

Best of luck to all who enters!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! Wired Zune and the staff would like to wish you all a very happy day with your loved ones!

Happy Valentines Day

Being a Zune site, we can’t really ever forget the Zune of course. πŸ˜‰Β  Just incase a few people forgot about our post here, Zune is also running a Valentines Day promotion with quite a few Valentines wallpapers for your Zune. Not only that, buy a Zune for someone else and get a free pair of premium Zune earbuds!

Anyways, back to the point of the post. Happy Valentines Day! πŸ˜€

Join the Microsoft Zune Team!

Now here’s your chance to really get close with the Zune! No more some Zune users or anything like that.

Get in the real action by joining the official Microsoft Zune team by clicking here! Oh yeah. 34 positions available for you to join up in. Everything from a Business Planning Manager to a Marketing Manager is in there.

Oh yeah, also. If any of you decide to get into the team, especially the Development Manager, make sure you contact me. πŸ˜› We’d love to have you join our insider team. πŸ˜‰

Rare Zune Master Edition For Sale On eBay!!

Ok. So there are like 100 orange/pink Zunes out there. But guess what! There’s the next best thing that you probably couldn’t buy off a shelf on Wal-Mart. In fact, there is a 0% chance that you’ll ever get these off the shelves of any stores… that is… except eBay.

You all probably know by now that eBay has a hella crazy lot of things for sale over there. Anything from rubbish to extremely rare items. Just a while ago, a rather “rare” for us Zune fans popped up.

Zune Masters on eBay

In fact, a Zune Masters edition of the Zune is actually being sold on eBay here! It is being sold by a user known as snip3rm4n man and he seems to be doing a favor for a Zune Ambassador friend who decided to opt-out on all the promotion part. I think the guy could’ve gotten a better deal had he sold the light changing Zune cup depending on the temperature of the liquid and the Zune Ambassador edition of the Zune itself.

Zune Masters Back on eBay

I’m currently thinking of taking part in this auction. Already got a Black and am not a big fan of the Brown as it reminds me of the edge of typical swamps, a cool Zune Ambassador logo at the back seems very well worth it. Heck, you even get an awesome cup!

Also, if you’re looking for a slick Zune bag by North Face, you may want to check this auction out held by the same person.

Zune Masters Bag by North Face

But beware for those interested… Winning this auction doesn’t mean you’re in the Zune Masters club.

Zune Phone Confirmed. It’s Coming.

FCC, probably one of the major “leak portal”-if that’s the way you want to put it :D-just gave it away once again! According to MarketWatch, something similar to a Zune Phone may be in the works. CrunchGear was also able to find clues on a possible Zune Phone back in Monday, but it seems as if it is now true and confirmed.

On Monday, Microsoft filed a mysterious FCC application that seemed to somewhat resemble a wireless device able to work as something like a VoiP.

According to CrunchGear and the FCC filings, this “mysterious device” will actually be using OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) rather than WiFi or Bluetooth. OFDM is actually going to be a widely used modulation scheme in the 4G standards in near future. Despite the fact that current companies such as T-Mobile are still struggling with 3G standards, as Sprint/Nextel have actually announced plans to build a 4G network on a 802.16e mobile WiMax standard, it seems like the Zune Phone may just be the device that may lead the way…

If what CrunchGear is speculating is correct, that’d be great! πŸ™‚ At least some competition for the upcoming Apple iPhone and at least some sort of a new upgrade to the Zune in a sense, right?

I’m looking forward to it at least. πŸ˜›

Zune Ready For Valentines.

First of all, this isn’t news regarding ZuneStyles. πŸ˜› Anyways, with the valentines day fast approaching, the Zune team was generous to offer a few Zune backgrounds that you could use for Valentines. These backgrounds, like others that you’d find on the web, is in the correct dimension and ready to go into your Zune. According to Cesar, if you also purchase a Zune for someone, as a Valentines promotion, Microsoft will add a free Zune Premium Earbuds! Great deal!

Zune Valentines Background

Looks great! πŸ™‚ I guess I should get an official Zune wallpaper section going at ZuneStyles soon…

Zune.net Updated.

Zune.net has actually been updated as of yesterday and is in full throttle currently. Nothing too exciting, but you can have more control now over your account.

Zune.net Update

Since the support section seems to have dramatically changed, could this be an indication that finally, Zune users will be able to receive some quality support from Microsoft? Not sure about it as of, since it’s only been a day since the update. Hopefully it will though.

Unconfirmed: Zune Phone Coming.

Zune Phone seems to not be too far away. With the Apple iPhone planning on being released in mid-2007 this year, we’ve been hearing all sorts of news on when Zune Phone will be released or if it ever will be released. But according to CrunchGear, it seems as if the Microsoft team is once again in their round table, working their minds to capture and seriously compete against Steve Job and Apple’s iPhone.

But considering how only idea clouds are being formed as of, there aren’t really specific launch dates (although we’ve heard a ready to be sold at 2007 Holidays news) or even specifications on the Zune Phone.

Despite this fact, a Zune Phone looks as if it’ll be more of a smartphone that’ll co-work with the Zune AND the Zune Marketplace. Windows Mobile running on the Zune Phone seems like an unlikely decision by Microsoft. Probably an interface similar to the current Zune’s UI? After all, people are quite fond of the revolution that Zune has brought in terms of MP3 interface.

More updates on the Zune Phone as they’re released. But with the iPod coming in June and hopefully the Zune Phone coming in late 2007, I wonder how many will bite the Apple rather than wait for the Zune Phone…

Is Your Screen Cracking?

An interesting information appeared on Engadget today. It seems as if the Zune screens are starting to crack.

Cracked Zune

If we look at the internal structure of the Zune, you’ll be able to find that the battery is actually located right behind the Zune screen. From a bit of science, we know that by charging the battery up, there will be a lot of heat involved and this will expand the battery. The expansion actually is said to put pressure on the 3 inch Zune screen, thus resulting in a screen crack.

It seems as if this could be the infamous first generation dillemma that many products experience. If this indeed is true, Microsoft should certainly not consider this as an outside the warranty coverage as it is a major problem which seems like it could happen on all Zunes in the hands of the customers.

But of course, being an insider tip, we aren’t too sure about the authenticity of this news. Are your screen’s cracking?

If so, please our Zune Troubleshooting and Problems Forums and inform us.

Get Your FREE DLO Leather Case!

I’m sure some of you already know, but for those who do not know yet, I’m posting this post for you guys.

We’re currently in the process of giving out 5 free DLO Leather cases. We’ve actually already chosen three winners (waiting for their addresses) and have 2 more to give out!

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