Serena-Maneesh Comes To Zune!

It has been confirmed by our friends at Zune Insider and Madison and Pine that Serena-Maneesh, a Norwegian artist, will also feature in the first generation of Zune.


Looks like the future is getting brighter for Zune! 😉

Regarding Wired Zune Forums

Many people have been continously asking questions regarding the forums. When will it be up? I want to connect! 😉

Guys, let me tell you. I’ve decided to dish out another $160 USD to purchase an owned vBulletin license. I’m currently looking at customizing it quite a bit so it goes very well with the Wired Zune blog theme itself.

Donations will still be appreciated as every month, I pay another 9.95 USD for the hosting.

Wired Zune traffic is also steadily increasing so I’m highly considering renting a VPS in near future, so all donations will be appreciated. $1 or $10, it doesn’t matter. 🙂 We’ll still thank you in our coming soon, Thank You page.

Anyways, heads up guys. 🙂 Wired Zune Forum will be launching in a very near future!

Win Zune Stickers!

A good friend of Wired Zune and mine, Cesar Menendez, has started a “little” contest to get the Zune fever going. Recently, he received a lot of 10 Zune stickers with the Zune logo, and to the person who can create the best Zune Haiku, will receive these stickers.

I encourage every one of you to go check it out as how cool would it be to own a Zune sticker before Zune is even out?!

First Generation Zune. A Toshiba. Second? Probably Not.

Late yesterday, we posted regarding a Zune being a Toshiba 1089. Yes, it’s true.

Zune's Face

It seems like Zune will be manufactured by Toshiba like the Toshiba 1089 with a few additional options. According to many sources, it is being interpreted that Microsoft got Toshiba to manufacture it so that Zune would be ready to be on many people’s Christmas List.

After the first generation, Microsoft will most likely take care of all the production in-house. This means that we’re due to see some sort of another Zune like the iPod mini/Nano/Shuffle, which followed the original iPod series. With the device production going into the hands of Microsoft after the first generation, it’s pretty safe to bet that sometime in near future, Zune will come with some high-end gaming and video features.

Zune! Revealed by FCC as… Toshiba 1089?!

We have just been informed that a post at Engadget has revealed the in and out pictures of Zune. But we also have been notified that Zune has been revealed by the FCC as Toshiba 1089.

A wireless PMP with a 30GB HDD, FM tuner, and a 3-inch TFT LCD screen was revealed by FCC. Surprisingly enough, the characteristics of Zune. More surprising was the fact that the manufacturer wasn’t Microsoft. But Toshiba. This seems like it’ll be a way that Microsoft can again, maximize their profit from Zune. Toshiba manufacturing Zune, will definately allow Microsoft not to invest in any production lines.

Zune's Face

FCC revealed this product, along with pictures, as Toshiba 1089. The name isn’t Zune, but it surprisingly looks very much like the Zune. Not to forget, the Zune logo at the back.

We have heard this from Engadget and FCC, but still, to bring you REAL Zune updates, we’re a little bit unsure as of. But since it’s even on the FCC website, oh well…

Here are more images that you can enjoy.

Zune Diagonal Zune Rear

Zune Inside Zune System Board

Zune Inside Yet another..

Zune Test 1 Zune Test 2

Zune Test 3 Zune Back

Interesting… There’s no logo of Zune on the last image…

Zune Mockup Pictures!

Today, we have for you, two Zune mockup UIs. Both images are not made by Wired Zune, but brought to you by iLounge and Gizmodo.

Zune Mockup

This image from iLounge is one that was posted earlier on Gizmodo today. You can see that this is the UI for the setting’s menu. The little arrow at the bottom with a battery sign is yes. You guessed it. It’s the little thing that’ll show you how much batter you have left in your Zune.

Then a bit later, Gizmodo posted a “colorful” version of the menu.

Zune Mockup 2

Here, you see a more revamped version. You can see that the battery sign has definately improved! 😉

But please be aware, that this is not the real shot of the Zune UI. But our insiders have said that the design is very close to what the real UI of what the Zune will have.

Wired Zune Updated! …Forums?

Reporting from the Wired Zune HQ once again! We’ve got another news for you! Not really Zune news though…

Wired Zune News! The site itself’s news! Haven’t had that in a while! 😉

Anyways, I’d like to tell you that Wired Zune just upgraded itself to the latest version of WordPress. Some of you may have noticed a blank page for a few minutes. No worries. We’re back. 🙂

We’re also thinking of possibly adding a forum. With the increase in visitors daily, we’re beginning to feel that maybe a forum should be added. You may have already noticed, but the “Forums” link at the top leads you to an error page. Currently it is like that because there is no forums.

There are financial stuff to go through as we are working very hard to purchase ourselves an owned vBulletin license. We have the best blogging software. So why not use the best forum software to go along with it? 😉 Donations will of course, speed the things up a bit. 😛

Although we are pretty sure that a forum will be setup sometime next week, we’d like YOUR opinion!

A comment with a “Yes” or a “No” for forums would be much appreciated. (We were working on setting up a Poll, but it wasn’t XHTML Strict coding, so we’re fixing it as we’re speaking!)

Thanks! The Wired Zune Team

EMI Will Load Microsoft Zune!

It has been confirmed that the London based company, EMI, will be providing Microsoft Zune with music videos for the launch. We have already mentioned that 30 Seconds To Mars will also be pre-loading Zune with its products, along with Hot Chip.

No other information has been released as of and we don’t know right now if EMI will provide Zune with more content than just music videos.

Check back at Wired Zune to get further news on this later on!

News! Zune Design Leaked!

Yes! It’s been leaked!

Zune Design Leaked!

The image of the Zune looks somewhat very similar to the design that we have been showing you on our header the whole time! Here, we have Zune with the cool earphones that’ll be avaliable for you in November. 😉

By the way, this is not a black version of Zune. The picture is in black and white. It was editted this way to prevent Microsoft from finding out the leaker. Currently, the 150 Zune’s have a UNIQUE color scheme so that Microsoft will be able to detect who has which Zune.

Thanks goes to Gizmodo for the information.

Wired Zune will be sure to update everyone if any more news comes out.

Zune Confirmed To Have Pre-loaded Content

It has been confirmed that Zune will be coming with pre-loaded content.

iPod have been speculated many times to have pre-loaded content with its special versions. Zune was no different. But these speculations seem as if they will come true!

A developer of Microsoft’s upcoming device, Zune, said that the player will come with pre-loaded content.

There are talks of how these content will be from groups such as 30 Seoncds to Mars, Cansei de Ser Sexy, and Hot Chip. It has also been confirmed by ZuneInsider and Madison and Pine that an audio and a video version of the content will be provided, which also shows that Zune will definately have the video feature.

If more information regarding this talk is released, Wired Zune will be sure to get you right updated!

Razer Pro|Type Hold Hands w/ Zune?

Personally, I have been holding off on posting this one as it seemed too much of a speculation. But with a bit more news regarding this topic coming up, I thought heck, I might as well post it at Wired Zune too, although most of you probably know.

It seems like Razer has some sort of a keyboard that can act together with Zune, like thier iPod version. The image seems way too similar to the iPod version to say the truth, but anyways, here’s the picture.

Zune Razer Keyboard


Pricing! Zune will be $299!

Hey there folks! What has been one of our biggest waits, the pricing, has been revealed!

It has been reported that currently, Microsoft is looking for retailers who will showcase the first generation of Zune. The new baby will first come in three colors and is said that it’ll cost around $299.

Regarding Zune’s Wi-Fi capabilities have also been released. (A bit) According to these retailers, Zune will have limited Wi-Fi capabilities. Unlike the sepculated idea of purchasing songs in a wireless connection, TWICE reported that Zune will have to be connceted to a PC to actually purchase songs. Retailers have also stated that Zune will allow users to “bookmark” songs that they can also share with others.

Retailers have also opened their mouthes regarding Zune’s diskspace. It seems like Microsoft will be coming out with a 30GB hard drive to match iPod’s new device that will possibly be released in November 2006.

Once we get more information, we’ll be sure to update you on Zune! Check back in a few days for more information!

Some Clarifications…

Recently, we have reported that possibly, Zune may not have some video features. But, according to two people who work closely in the Zune field have reported that these speculations are not true.

According to

Allow me to introduce you to my old friend: rumor and speculation 😉

There’s been some discussion around here recently about this NY Post story. My take on it: the story confuses the ability to play video with the way users purchase video (they call it the “video store”). And it’s all based on, you guessed it, rumor and speculation. So here’s the official word: we haven’t announced anything with regards to either.

Zune is built around digital entertainment, and we’re doing some interesting things that I think will change the whole landscape. That’s’ the reason I wanted to move to Zune (besides the chance to get one free). What I’m most excited about is the approach we’re taking to community, and the way music – and video – is discovered, discussed, and shared. . . More as I have it.

Also from

Hey there! I’ve been seeing a ton of crazy speculation out there about video on the Zune device as well as this article from the NY Post. Here’s what I know. I have seen the device running great quality video, actually I was asked to do a check on some video that had been encoded for me for the device. Looks rather good actually! For more check out Cesar’s blog over at Zune Insider Thought I’d share, because I care!

There we go! It seems that maybe these speculations may not be true at all…

Zune, NO Video?

We have some breaking news that has as well been shocking for us too.

According to reliable sources, it seems as if Microsoft will be delaying the video feature for Zune. If this is so, most likely Zune will get “smeared” by Apple’s new device coming out in November.

This new turning point will definately put pressure both in Microsoft and Apple’s hands. If Microsoft is to show video capabilites in the first generation of Zune, Apple will all of a sudden have to play a new game of catch-up. BUT, if Microsoft cannot establish this feature in the device, Apple will most likely take a huge lead in sales and fanbase as many insiders are predicting that Apple will try to come out with a video iPod before the holiday seasons.

Here are a few extra links:

New York Post, Techweb Bloomberg

Touchscreen iPod Due November!

Microsoft’s biggest rival in the music player market, Apple, seems as if they’ll be launching the much anticipated Touchscreen iPod this November.

According to our reliable buddies at Gizmodo, Apple is trying extremely hard to release this product.

There still are no real hard information regarding iPod being able to support wireless capabilities, but in a few weeks, we’re sure that Apple will bring some sort of news.

Check back often here are Wired Zune for not only your Zune news, but news regarding Zune competitors too!

Some Pictures to Enjoy…

Here are a few pictures regarding Zune lately. The first two pictures are from, which is a blog that Cesar Menendez operates. He is currently an employee at Microsoft and is working under the Zune department. Believe or not, your choice, but Cesar managed to get us two great shots (well, decent…) of the latest Zune production.

Zune ideas?

Hardware area?

Here’s another picture. It seems like it went under some Photoshop work, but heck, at Wired Zune, we deal with speculations too. 🙂 This is a picture of the possible Zune color types.

3 Color Combinations

Enjoy! 🙂

November 14, 2006?

I’m sure that all of you know this by now, but just incase you didn’t, Zune will be officially launching on November 14, 2006.

We also have much more information regarding its possible specs.

30 GB HDD, three color options (black, brown, cotton), 13 first party accessories (meaning from Microsoft), FM tuner, and another thing to add – 50% larger screen size that the current iPod.

This is the latest update that we have been aware of, but I’m sure that Microsoft will leak more and more information as time passes by.

Keep checking back at Wired Zune for your latest Zune updates!

Wired Zune has it’s custom design!

Welcome to the brand new!

You’re probably saying… “Whoa! Where’d this come from!”

That’s right! Wired Zune has it’s new design and it’s very own custom one!

I personally designed this design and held hands with Alan to complete the coding for WordPress 2.0.

Hope you guys enjoy it. 🙂 I thought that if you want something Zune, you need to go to a place where at least it feels like Zune belongs. The color combination, obviously, was influenced by the official Zune logo.

Keep visiting us and like this surprise, we’ll have many more in store for you!