Pricing! Zune will be $299!

Hey there folks! What has been one of our biggest waits, the pricing, has been revealed!

It has been reported that currently, Microsoft is looking for retailers who will showcase the first generation of Zune. The new baby will first come in three colors and is said that it’ll cost around $299.

Regarding Zune’s Wi-Fi capabilities have also been released. (A bit) According to these retailers, Zune will have limited Wi-Fi capabilities. Unlike the sepculated idea of purchasing songs in a wireless connection, TWICE reported that Zune will have to be connceted to a PC to actually purchase songs. Retailers have also stated that Zune will allow users to “bookmark” songs that they can also share with others.

Retailers have also opened their mouthes regarding Zune’s diskspace. It seems like Microsoft will be coming out with a 30GB hard drive to match iPod’s new device that will possibly be released in November 2006.

Once we get more information, we’ll be sure to update you on Zune! Check back in a few days for more information!