Some Clarifications…

Recently, we have reported that possibly, Zune may not have some video features. But, according to two people who work closely in the Zune field have reported that these speculations are not true.

According to

Allow me to introduce you to my old friend: rumor and speculation 😉

There’s been some discussion around here recently about this NY Post story. My take on it: the story confuses the ability to play video with the way users purchase video (they call it the “video store”). And it’s all based on, you guessed it, rumor and speculation. So here’s the official word: we haven’t announced anything with regards to either.

Zune is built around digital entertainment, and we’re doing some interesting things that I think will change the whole landscape. That’s’ the reason I wanted to move to Zune (besides the chance to get one free). What I’m most excited about is the approach we’re taking to community, and the way music – and video – is discovered, discussed, and shared. . . More as I have it.

Also from

Hey there! I’ve been seeing a ton of crazy speculation out there about video on the Zune device as well as this article from the NY Post. Here’s what I know. I have seen the device running great quality video, actually I was asked to do a check on some video that had been encoded for me for the device. Looks rather good actually! For more check out Cesar’s blog over at Zune Insider Thought I’d share, because I care!

There we go! It seems that maybe these speculations may not be true at all…