Wired Zune Updated! …Forums?

Reporting from the Wired Zune HQ once again! We’ve got another news for you! Not really Zune news though…

Wired Zune News! The site itself’s news! Haven’t had that in a while! 😉

Anyways, I’d like to tell you that Wired Zune just upgraded itself to the latest version of WordPress. Some of you may have noticed a blank page for a few minutes. No worries. We’re back. 🙂

We’re also thinking of possibly adding a forum. With the increase in visitors daily, we’re beginning to feel that maybe a forum should be added. You may have already noticed, but the “Forums” link at the top leads you to an error page. Currently it is like that because there is no forums.

There are financial stuff to go through as we are working very hard to purchase ourselves an owned vBulletin license. We have the best blogging software. So why not use the best forum software to go along with it? 😉 Donations will of course, speed the things up a bit. 😛

Although we are pretty sure that a forum will be setup sometime next week, we’d like YOUR opinion!

A comment with a “Yes” or a “No” for forums would be much appreciated. (We were working on setting up a Poll, but it wasn’t XHTML Strict coding, so we’re fixing it as we’re speaking!)

Thanks! The Wired Zune Team