Zune Confirmed To Have Pre-loaded Content

It has been confirmed that Zune will be coming with pre-loaded content.

iPod have been speculated many times to have pre-loaded content with its special versions. Zune was no different. But these speculations seem as if they will come true!

A developer of Microsoft’s upcoming device, Zune, said that the player will come with pre-loaded content.

There are talks of how these content will be from groups such as 30 Seoncds to Mars, Cansei de Ser Sexy, and Hot Chip. It has also been confirmed by ZuneInsider and Madison and Pine that an audio and a video version of the content will be provided, which also shows that Zune will definately have the video feature.

If more information regarding this talk is released, Wired Zune will be sure to get you right updated!