Zune Mockup Pictures!

Today, we have for you, two Zune mockup UIs. Both images are not made by Wired Zune, but brought to you by iLounge and Gizmodo.

Zune Mockup

This image from iLounge is one that was posted earlier on Gizmodo today. You can see that this is the UI for the setting’s menu. The little arrow at the bottom with a battery sign is yes. You guessed it. It’s the little thing that’ll show you how much batter you have left in your Zune.

Then a bit later, Gizmodo posted a “colorful” version of the menu.

Zune Mockup 2

Here, you see a more revamped version. You can see that the battery sign has definately improved! 😉

But please be aware, that this is not the real shot of the Zune UI. But our insiders have said that the design is very close to what the real UI of what the Zune will have.