Zune! Revealed by FCC as… Toshiba 1089?!

We have just been informed that a post at Engadget has revealed the in and out pictures of Zune. But we also have been notified that Zune has been revealed by the FCC as Toshiba 1089.

A wireless PMP with a 30GB HDD, FM tuner, and a 3-inch TFT LCD screen was revealed by FCC. Surprisingly enough, the characteristics of Zune. More surprising was the fact that the manufacturer wasn’t Microsoft. But Toshiba. This seems like it’ll be a way that Microsoft can again, maximize their profit from Zune. Toshiba manufacturing Zune, will definately allow Microsoft not to invest in any production lines.

Zune's Face

FCC revealed this product, along with pictures, as Toshiba 1089. The name isn’t Zune, but it surprisingly looks very much like the Zune. Not to forget, the Zune logo at the back.

We have heard this from Engadget and FCC, but still, to bring you REAL Zune updates, we’re a little bit unsure as of. But since it’s even on the FCC website, oh well…

Here are more images that you can enjoy.

Zune Diagonal Zune Rear

Zune Inside Zune System Board

Zune Inside Yet another..

Zune Test 1 Zune Test 2

Zune Test 3 Zune Back

Interesting… There’s no logo of Zune on the last image…