Marketplace kicks iTunes butt! Zune is Shexy!

We have a hold of a render of the Zune Marketplace along with some sexy picture of the three Zunes at peace!

Zune Marketplace

This render of the marketplace looks really cool! Pesronally, I think it looks far much better than iTunes. 😀

Zune White

Zune Brown

Zune Black

These are some high quality Zune pictures from Microsoft. Pretty neat! 😉

I also have some site news for you. You guys are all probably wondering, “Why didn’t Wired Zune put up the YouTube Zune demo videos?”

Well, it was simply because our plugin decided to screw up on us at this important time, so we’ve contacted our coder to get working on the plugin. 😉 2. Once we have it fixed, we’ll have the videos back up for your pleasure.

‘Till then! 🙂