Wal-mart Tags 284 to Zune? Talks of Zune Phone.

Recently, with some news at Gizmodo, we have been receiving many emails on Zune being released at Wal-mart. Well, guess what? I guess that Wal-mart will be looking to distribute these!

Box of Zunes

Wal-mart Zune Screenshot

The above image is a screenshot that Engadget managed to take. Right now, with all the speculation, it seems like Wal-mart decided to take the item down. But as you can see from the picture, Zune is listed at $284.00. Before you get all hyped up, it’s only at a “Learn More” stage unlike the Zen beside it, which you can order now. Or wait for Zune. 😉 Anyways this pricing makes us wonder about an entry a few weeks ago. I guess that the pricing on that entry may be indeed the final pricing.

Please note that Microsoft have not yet commented on this, so we can’t be too sure that it’ll be a penny below $300 just yet! But it seems like it’ll most likely be that price! 🙂

Also, further talks regarding the Zune Phone has been going around. So far, Microsoft seems to be saying that there will be one. But so far, nothing is unconfirmed. But here’s a picture for you to enjoy. 🙂

Zune Phone

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