Zune: All About Sharing!

Recently, Zune’s UI (user interface) has been leaked through YouTube.


Probably one of the most interesting parts of this little clip is viewing a video file using a “wide-screen” point of view. This is pretty cool because iriver and iPod video never really thought this up when they were creating their “video” players. Also, you can see that here, the Zune is connecting with another Zune nearby. You can see that there is a transfer of 8 images in the process. Pretty cool?

Like Microsoft has been promoting the whole time, Zune will also have some awesome sharing capabilities, as we mentioned here.


This is quite an awesome clip. Really shows Microsoft’s power in getting people “engaged” with each other through Zune.

These are just teasers to get your mouth all watery. 😉 Hope you enjoyed them. We’ll have a closer coverage regarding Zune sometime in the next couple days on what WE think about Zune.