Interview with Zune BETA Tester — Gear Live

Our friends at Gear Live have once again, “caught” a BETA tester of the Microsoft Zune. 😉 (You guys are so lucky!)

These BETA testing buddies were “caught” by the Gear Live team at the Podcast Media Expo. One lucky dude was able to get a hold of something we’ve been trying to convince Microsoft to send us for a review. 🙁 Anyways, he’s a BETA tester, with a Black Zune (Microsoft didn’t give him the Brown one because that’s the one everyone’s after! ;)), and just to tell you, he’s not affiliated with Microsoft.

Here’s a quick summary we organized for you from the clip:

  • Magnetic Earphones: These really help you not have tangled earphones.
  • Radio Presets: Great for those who are fans of radios.
  • You can locate your songs through albums, artists, playlists, genres, songs, etc.
  • If you’ve got thousands of songs (this guy’s got like 4000), and you want to listen to a specific song, you can use the Quicklist feature.
  • Possibly, you may be able to set up the Zune with your Media Center to import videos from your TV. (Unconfirmed)
  • Automatically imports pictures from your PC. You can then, watch them using like a slideshow!
  • Have to use the Zune Marketplace. Files from iTunes, MSN, etc. won’t work with the Zune.
  • BUT! You can rip songs from your CDs and store them in your Zune.
  • Guys with Brown Zunes have some authority. 😉

Here’s some pics (10) that we personally took for those who can’t see the video.

Zune (1)

Zune (2)

Zune (3)

Zune (4)

Zune (5)

Zune (6)

Zune (7)

Zune (8)

Zune (9)

Zune (10)

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Check out Wired Zune in a couple days. We’ll have some more awesome caps ready for you to look at. Also, interviews with people closely related with Zunes will be coming to a Wired Zune near you!