Limited Edition Zune! Up for Silent Auction!

Ok. So we know that mostly everyone wants the “hot” Brown Zune. But you want something even cooler? A limited edition color? Well, here’s your chance!


La Brea Massive Zunes


La Brea Massive stands for three of the most popular store/brands in La Brea L.A. This includes Stussy, Union, and Undftd. Well, these guys decided to go and make us all drool once again. 😉 La Brea Massive is auctioning off a customized Zune pack which includes the Zune, Shure E5c earphones, JBL on tour portable loudspeakers, and ZeroHalliburton 5″ black aluminum attache. Two of these kits will be avaliable per store with the store’s logo at the back of the Zune along with the staff’s hand picked playlist pre-loaded in the Zune.



The silent auction began on October 28th, and will end on November 13th, just in time for the launch! 🙂 There is a 350.00 USD reserve price. If you want one of these hotties, e-mail your bids to:

La Brea Massive Zunes 2

La Brea Massive Zunes 3

La Brea Massive Zunes 4

Maybe I’ll bid on one of these…