Share and Earn!

There are rumors regarding a possible “free credits” for sharing your songs!

Zune’s WiFi capabilities, although not that great, is something that many are still looking forward to. We already know that when you share a song, the person that receives the song will be able to listen to it up to three times within three days of receiving the song. After the three plays or days, that user will be able to purchase that song at the Marketplace. Well, the fun doesn’t end there according to the recent rumors!

It is said that if your friend was to purchase the shared song, you’ll be credited for “referring” a sale! Sort of like a sales commission! You are to receive a certain amount of credits (How much? We don’t know yet.) that will enable you to purchase some free songs. Wired Zune thinks that these credits will be the Microsoft Points that Microsoft has announced a few weeks ago. RapidShare, a file sharing website, has a similar concept and it has proven to be extremely successful in increasing the sales and the popularity of RapidShare. Smart move by Microsoft? 😉

More to come as information is leaked.