Win a Zune! and More!

To liven up our forums and to increase the Wired Zune member base, the Wired Zune team decided to run a competition!

First off, the prizes:
First Place
Microsoft Zune
: Yes! The Microsoft Zune that’s going to be released on November 14th!

Now I’m sure that this is where all your attention is at! So, I’ll get straight to the point.

This competition will be sort of like a lottery. Through participating in the forums, you’ll increase your chances of winning the Zune. Here we go.

Every 10 points you earn will equal 1 ticket in to the drawing hat. So basically, the more tickets you earn, the higher your chances of winning the prizes it’ll be! How do you earn these points?

Win Points By…

  • Adding an avatar and a signature earns you 5 Points
  • Every 5 posts you make will earn you 1 Point
  • Refer a friend and get them to post 10+ posts and earn 10 Points
  • Mention this contest on your blog/website/something! entry and earn 50 Points
  • Add a link to Wired Zune on your website and earn 20 Points
  • Submit an article about the Zune to and if published on our website, earn 100 Points
  • Donate a prize to our competition and earn 100 Points
  • If you have a forum account with 500+ posts with an average of at least 3 posts per day, add a link to this thread and earn 50 Points

There you have it! Earning points could never be easier!


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Don’t miss out! πŸ™‚ This is the one time that you’ll really just have fun to win a Zune! πŸ˜‰ Also, don’t forget to get your friends and everyone to come and participate! You’ll have lots of fun AND even get a chance to win a Zune for Christmas! πŸ™‚