Wired Zune is Hiring Staff!

So far, Wired Zune has been run by a team of two people. One doing all the front-end stuff, while one doing all the back-end stuff. Whether we’re working on a new article or doing the back-end coding stuff, we’ve been dedicating approximately 10 hours per week to keep the website optimized, ad-free, and best of all, one of the best Zune websites on the net.
Now, we’re looking to hire talented people to be part of the Wired Zune team! In a sense, to offload some of the current staff’s work, but we also believe that for a site like Wired Zune to continuously grow, it is necessary for a great number of people to work behind the scenes. Two people has a limit. But if we have more people working, we can raise that bar, thus allowing Wired Zune to reach its deserved potential.
Some positions we need filling are listed below. The number in the paranthesis indicates how many people we’re looking for in that position.

(2) Reporters
Reporters will be doing the main postings on the website along with me (ioDi), regarding the latest Zune information and Wired Zune news.

Requirements include…

– Proper usage of grammar.
– Intelligent, yet has humor.
– Always looking for new information.
– At least the age of 17.

(3) Tipsters
The sole purpose of the tipsters is to go out and look for new information! This includes checking other news source for various information, actually contacting companies related with the Zune to receive some exclusive information, along with if possible, attending Zune “shows” like Cesar’s two meetings to attain some valid information.Requirements include…

– Willingness to go beyond and find new information.
– Analyzing informations to come up with unique article topics.
– Informing the Reporters at least 3 insights per month.
– At least the age of 15.

(3) Designers
Designers are to be the people that will liven up the Zunes. This includes backgrounds and other various images for the Zune to make the Zune users maximize their enjoyment level when with the Zune.

Requirements include…

– The most important requirement is CREATIVITY.
– Must be familiar with some sort of a designing program like Photoshop, PSP, etc.
– Must have some sort of a portfolio to show past work.
– At least the age of 15.

(2) Moderators

Moderators are people that will be, in a sense, like mini-Leaders or mini-Admins at a designated forum. This position requires some great people with leadership skills.

Requirements include…

– Posts at least 5+ posts per day (average) on the forums to keep your designated forum (at least) active.
– Correct usage of grammar and no t41k 1ik3 7hi5!
– Must have been registered on the forums for minimum a month.
– Always willing to help other members AND so that the forum will grow in a positive direction.

I guess that’s it for now. 🙂 To apply, please copy and paste the form below and fill it out. Then, e-mail it to: applications@wiredzune.com

Desired Position:
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY):
Why should you be chosen for the job?
Any past experiences?
How long have you been visiting Wired Zune?

We’re looking for quality answers that will truly show that you want to be part of Wired Zune. If you’re going to leave after a week or so, I suggest that you don’t apply. We’re only recruiting those who are willing to spend an hour or two per week (in total) for Wired Zune. You will be paid via WiZus and respect amongst the Wired Zune fans.

We’d like to note that the information that you send us will NOT be shared with any other party and will only be kept by Wired Zune.

Looking forward to quite a lot of applications! 🙂

Wired Zune Staff