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Finally. The day that we’ve been waiting for since the talk of Zune being its final name back in early-July.

CruchGear's  Zune Pictures

Today, the Microsoft Zune is now available to the public! We’re proud of it, even when we aren’t Microsoft’s employees. 😉 Imagine how the guys at Microsoft must feel. Yup, just amazing! Eager to get one of these, I called nearly every electronic store I know of to get one (I’m getting a Black!) but no luck as of as most dealers told me to come tomorrow. 🙁
Well, other than the fact that I’m here to tell you about the launch of Zune, I’m also here to tell you on the future of Wired Zune. Microsoft Zune is now released and some things will be changing here at Wired Zune:

First off, our ZuneStyles.com will be going live this weekend. As you know, we currently hold the domain and is under no use. We’re planning on redirecting Zune Styles to our Zune download section. Currently, on my desktop, I’ve got a couple hundred backgrounds for your Zunes and will constantly be adding more, along with other various modifications for the Zune.

Our group of staff members will also be going “live” through the Wired Zune site and the forums. 😉 We are still open to more applications, so check out this entry from a while ago and get your applications in! We have big dreams for Wired Zune, so we need great people to help it reach its potential!

We’d also like to redirect our attention to the current ongoing Zune giveaway competition in our forums. Check it out because you may be getting a free Zune as an early Christmas present from us! 😉

Lastly, we’d like to mention that we’ll be doing a weekly roundup every week so anyone who’s gone for a week or so can check out our weekly roundup sections to catch up on the latest Zune news.

More are to come as this is just a little peak on what we’ll be doing now, since the “social” has begun!

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