Zune Released In Canada?!

Zune seems to already be going international! Well… we all know that eBay already has some great Zune auctions going on, but from Canada, you can now purchase your own Zune! Not through a local dealer though… but via online!

Zune Canada

TigerDirect.ca are already selling the Zunes on their website. The prices are in CAD with CAD taxes. For some odd reason, the Black Zune is priced at a lower price than the White and the Brown, when they all should cost the same. Nonetheless, you people at Canada can now order your Zunes! 🙂

I have no idea how they are actually managing to sell these units when they are only to be distributed in US. Unless you receive your Zune from another person as a gift or so, I’m pretty sure that the Zune can’t be distributed outside of US through places like TigerDirect… Take your risk, if you badly want your Zune and you’re living in Canada…

[phpbay]microsoft zune black, 5 [/phpbay]