ZuneCast! Feed Your Zune!

It’s November 20th. Six days since the Zune launched. But already, we are having unofficial modifications for the Zune coming out. The first being… FeedYourZune.

Feed Your Zune Logo

Widely known as Podcasting, FeedYourZune allows such an option now for your Zune. 🙂 Get this unofficial program to enjoy:

– Automated download and syncing of Audio and Video Podcasts to your Zune.
– Full featured RSS video playback. Supports all video formats.
– Discover thousands of amazing Video and Audio Podcasts with the built in Channel Guides from Network2, FireAnt, and more to come!
– Open web architecture – supports RSS, BitTorrent, and Blog Permalinks.
– Create playlists, favorites, manage disk space, and more…

The program itself is pretty powerful. Straight out of the box, you’ll be able to get your Podcasts going without much or any configuration.

Many more of such programs will come eventually, but we can tell you that FeedYourZune is a heck of a useful addon to install on your Zune. Heck, your PC version of “Zune” even works great with it! We’re loving it! 😉