Cnet’s Zune vs. iPod Battle

Cnet once again comes out with a unique approach to all the Zune reviews. Heck, at least this time, it’ll be a lot more fun to actually watch than just watch some guru come out and talk about the Zune. 😉

Veronica Belmont

In the interesting Prize Fight series, the host, Veronica Belmont, gives each device a certain amount of points in 5 different categories. The result is 19-20, for the iPod, but Veronica does indeed point out some key parts to both the iPod and the Zune. A pretty fun review to look at, if you’re indecisive about which to buy for the Holidays, but don’t want to read pages after pages of reviews, this should be an interesting watch.

Link to video: Part 1 | Part 2