How Does Zune for 90 Sound?

It’s the Holiday season and the perfect time to get yourself a Zune, if you don’t have one yet. Is the cost for a 30GB player a bit pricy? No worries then, as Amazon is giving an opportunity for 1,000 people to buy a Zune for only 90 USD!

Although it has not yet been decided on which of the four products will be sold at this incredibly low price, if we can get enough people to vote for the Zune as the one to be sold, then 1,000 lucky people will be receiving their Zunes at a mere 90 bucks. Make sure you go and vote for it, if you’re hoping to snatch one! Even if you already have one, a vote would be appreciated by those who haven’t got their Zunes yet. Better yet, more Zunes in the world, the better the social! 🙂