Microsoft Wants WMA/WMV Authority?

“I believe Microsoft came out with Zune not to counter the iPod hardware but to make WMV/WMA relevant again. To be more precise they had to counter the iPod to make their CODEC relevant, but they don’t care about the hardware itself, they care about the CODEC, and that’s the exact opposite of Apple. Apple’s iPod plays many different CODECs, just none of Microsoft’s offerings. Apple wants users to buy their hardware and they use their software to get to you. If Microsoft can get their CODEC back into the masses they can then control the rights to use that CODEC and rights to manufacture hardware that can decode their CODEC. Controlling rights = charging money. It’s big, big money and big, big business (see MPEG 1, 2, 4 for examples of this). Microsoft can’t afford for the Zune to fail. They have too much at stake here. Apple didn’t make a huge impact with the 1st generation iPod, it wasn’t until they made it work with Windows that it really took off. So too will be the path of Zune. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the Zune, but I also think Microsoft has a lot of fight in them and they know that they can’t afford to lose this war, but they can afford to lose a few battles.”  (Benjamin J. Higginbotham – Techonlogy Evangilist)

Whether true or not, Mr. Higginbotham brings up an interesting point. Did Microsoft truly enter this media player market to regain the once almighty WMA and WMVs? Obviously, Microsoft is seriously late into the market, if they are actually seeking major profit from the player. But then, Xbox was successful, even if it did come into the gaming industry late.

The fact that Zune is actually working in correlation with the Xbox, the Media Center, Vista, etc. also brings up on eye on how regaining their power in medias once again could be the real reason why the Zune was released. Months ago, Robbie mentioned Zune as the “Last piece of the puzzle” and this phrase could be the hint that Microsoft is actually trying to regain their authority in digital medias.

This definitely is a mind boggling thought as only Microsoft knows the truth behind the Zune. Head on over to our forums and give us your opinion on this topic!