1.3 Firmware “Finally” Released!

The highly anticipated firmware update version 1.3 is finally out for you Zuners out there! I was notified by the software itself that there was an update needed for my Zune. But just incase you weren’t informed in anyway, when the Zune software detects that your Zune is connected, right-click on your Zune name below the Marketplace, and click “Check for Zune Device Updates” and that should get you rolling.

The three proposed fixes for this update are the “skipping issue” (which I’ve personally never dealt with so far with my tracks (including ones from the Marketplace) along with an improved reliability and syncing and the FM tuner draining your Zune battery when in sleep mode. Nonetheless, they are very important updates, but other than the reliability ones, I haven’t been affected yet.

Also, maybe as a sort of an apology from the Zune team, the software has been updated to 1.3 too! 1.3 Day for the Zune?! I don’t see any differences as of, but will update you all on the differences as I spend some time with it. 🙂

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