Microsoft’s New Campagin & Colors!

The baby pink version of the Zune is expected to be released on May 1, 2007, but Microsoft have announced that they will be adding more colors to their rather limited variety as of.

The Zune, which is currently available in white, brown and black, will soon sport prettier colors. A baby-pink version will be available in May, and another vibrant color will be introduced a few weeks later.

“It could help with reaching more of their target demographic,” says Ross Rubin, an analyst with NPD Group. “Colors like pink could help increase the device’s appeal with women.”

The increase in the variety of colors for a potential Zune buyer will certainly augment the sales rate. As the article states, certainly Creative and other various smaller companieis have been affected by the release of the Zune, rather than Apple and their iPod. I’m thinking we could expect a light orange to go with the light pink? Possibly a purple too? Or maybe (product) red version of the Zune to help AIDs or even a blue version might be nice!

To add on to it, Microsoft looks to be expanding their exposure for the Zune once again. Reindorp claims that the expenses won’t be as much as when the Zune was first launched, but that it will be enough to get it noticed. Also, Microsoft does seem to realize that the Zune has a lot of catch up to do in terms of features.

“We are developing Zune as an ‘entertainment’ brand, which means it will include music, video and games,” Reindorp says. “But will there be Xbox-like games on the device? We don’t know yet. We are still thinking through our games strategy.”

Will such a feature be presented in the current generation of the Zune? To be honest, something tells me that it will be very unlikely in this one. Maybe in a future flash version or the 2nd generation of HDD version of Zunes, we may. Probably nothing close to the Xbox 360, but maybe something along the lines of Playstation Portable sounds reasonable. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to Microsoft actually adding simple new features such as a time or a text viewer or even an A-B function within the current generation through the firmware updates. Hopefully from version 1.4, we’ll see some things like this…