Rapid Repair Replaces iPod Mods

iPod Mods, a support center for iPods primarily, has changed their brand to Rapid Repair. Being a Zune user, it may have been a bit odd going to iPod Mods when actually, you wanted your Zune fixed.

Rapid Repair Logo

“Beginning Tuesday, April 24, 2007, popular iPod repair and mod site iPod Mods will officially change its name to Rapid Repair and launch its new website at http://www.rapidrepair.com. The change comes as the result of the company‚Äôs rapid expansion into product and service offerings that now extend past iPod product repairs and modifications.”

What does this mean? We can deduce from this that Rapid Repair will continue its line of support for the Zune. Not just this version, but Zune 2 and the Zunes after that. For Creative, Samsung, and other consumers of various companies’ players, possibly Rapid Repair may be looking into such other media players too.