RUMOR: Pink and Orange Zune Pictures.

The upcoming pink and the orange versions of the Zune have been released… Sort of… ZuneScene actually reported of some pictures of the two upcoming Zunes. The two new colors are promising as they both hold the Zune logo’s color scheme.

However, one must raise an eyebrow here. Zune-Online recently posted of a possible Photoshop work by a clever editor. While the pictures of the new Zunes do look fascinating… Well… the two exact images with different colored Zunes kind of gives away the whole anticipation…

Pink Zune HoaxedOrange Zune Hoax
(Click on the images for a higher resolution)

It is clearly evident that one of the two images is a Photoshop product as by looking at the dust on the Zune’s screen, it is exactly the same. Believe it or not, you decide. Just to add as a side note, ZuneScene never claimed that they have gotten the insider pictures on the Pink and the Watermelon Red…

Update: If you click on the Pink picture to view it at a higher resolution, if you look closely at the double-effect on the end, you can see that it has an orange pigment. So is this the real Pink Zune? No.

ZuneScene Picture Hoax

False until more news is released.