Zune Can Now Go 100GB!

Of course, with voiding your warranty with Microsoft and going through a small tedious task of opening up your Zune. iPodMods have done it once again after a successful 40GB, 60GB, and 80GB drives, but now they are back with 100GB for your Zune. The party over there was able to get a fat 100GB to actually fit inside the Zune case!

100GB for Zune

With this baby, you can now hold approximately 17,500 songs or about 230 HOURS of video (bringing the capacities to about 25K songs and 330 hours of video)! For $299.99 USD, you can get a Toshiba drive for your Zune straight from iPodMods with a free Zune or an iPod battery. But, the question lies… Is it truly worth it…?