Zunes Being Banned in School

“It doesn’t take long to get out of the loop with teenagers,” said Mountain View High School Principal Aaron Maybon. “They come up with new and creative ways to cheat pretty fast.”

Funny enough, it seems like the Zune (along with the iPod) have become a tool for cheating. Baseball cap brims and cellphone texting and notes are classic ways that teens have utilized their everyday tools to cheat in quizzes and tests.

Cheating Zune

However, it has been discovered by some school administrations that the students were downloading formulas and answers to problems in their portable media players and have been listening to them secretly while taking an examination.

Devices including iPods and Zunes can be hidden under clothing, with just an earbud and a wire snaking behind an ear and into a shirt collar to give them away, school officials say.

Especially regarding the Zune, with such an article appearing, it seems as if the students could even utilize the WiFi technology to their advantage… Saving images or notes via the JPEGBook or the ZuneChat to share answers with others seems like a possibility… Interesting…

Source: FOXNews.com