Red Zune. It’s Real!

That’s right. It seems like it is for real. Remember the red Zune eBay auction we mentioned about? Then, many many websites being skeptical about it? Well, the seller proved it wrong.

The red Zune is in fact for real. Check these new pictures out!

Red Zune on eBay

Red Zune on eBay

Red Zune on eBay

And of course, the link to the auction right here. 🙂 The other auction with so many skeptics didn’t catch much fire, but with these real pictures now, the price should start to rocket pretty soon. It’s actually at $202.50 right now. But the question remains… Is it worth it to get it now when this will go public pretty soon?

First Watermelon Red Out at eBay?!

Ok, whether yet another Zune photoshopping or not, there is a red Zune out on eBay. Yes, I did say a RED Zune. Whether the player inside is the Watermelon Red or not, I’m not too sure of currently. However, there are two shots of the casing, which is surprisingly similar to the limited edition of Pink Zune casings.

Also, just a side note. We were supposed to see the “Reds” this week, but it seems like there may be a slight delay. 🙁 So,  I guess these pictures will have to do for now…

Red Zune on eBay
Red Zune on eBay

Update: Just contacted the seller if I can get a photo of the player itself inside. 🙂

Source: Zune-Online

Cobrasnake’s Got a RED Zune?!

So Stefan our man over at IWAPZ found something cool about Cobrasnake. So, Cobra was taking a few pictures of himself with his Zune and what do you know! A red Zune! That’s right folks. One that we’ve been looking forward to for quite sometime.

Cobrasnake Watermelon Red Zune

There is obviously no empirical evidence that these pictures are the Watermelon Red. While there is speculation that it could be something similar to the La Brea specials, it certainly seems a lot lighter red than the ones that were put up for the silent auction.

Cobrasnake Watermelon Red Zune

Cool stuff. Now all we need is Microsoft to confirm and release… 🙂

Halo 3 Edition Only 20,000 Avaliable

According to GearLive, the guys who first truly got the juice regarding the Halo 3 limited edition flowing, has confirmed with Microsoft that there will only be 20,000 Halo 3 edition Zunes via GameStop/EBGames. As we all know already, it is supposed to be released on June 15, 2007, but pre-orders are being taken as of through GameStop.


Enjoy a video while you’re drooling at it. 😉


Source: GearLive

Second Generation Confirmed.

Jason Reindorp, Microsoft’s marketing directory for Zune, somewhat confirmed that the second generation of Zune is on its way to the customers’ hands this fall. To expand the Zune, Microsoft is actually under construction in Doumen, China to construct a Zune factory right beside its XBox factory.

We should be able to see some various new innovative versions with diverse size capacities along with prices. Especially since Microsoft is not working with Toshiba starting from the second generation, it is likely that Flextronics, the workers of Xbox, and Microsoft will co-produce future generations.

“There are definitely some cost efficiencies, but the more important thing from our perspective is the flexibility and control we have in creating a device from scratch and making it down to the last component what we want it to be,” said Reindorp.

Not much detail has yet been released. However, with fall only a few months away, I guess more info will be leaked out gradually. Tune in for the latest 2nd generation of Zune news! 🙂

Yet Another Limited Zune – Halo 3

So Microsoft does it again! 🙂 Yet another limited edition of the Zune. In the Halo 3 preview tonight at NYC, we were all given a little surprise – the Halo 3 limited edition Zune. It is due to be out in mid-June as of.
These limited edition Zunes are great and that it actually encourages people to buy a Zune is great. However, with the 100 Pink Zunes, the 100 Orange Zunes, the 1,000,000 Light Pink Zunes, and the Adult Swim version, along with the upcoming Watermelon Red… Too many maybe…?

Halo 3 Zune Limited Edition

It’d be great if Microsoft could put in just as much effort into providing a more feature packed Zune firmware… Anyways, more pictures of the new limited edition is over at Giz. 🙂
Source: Gizmodo

Rumor: New Zune On June 1st?

There is yet another Zune rumor going around after a vague shot of a Zune downloading songs via Wi-Fi. It is a picture of the current generation of the Zune except with a background saying version “2.1.4 Beta” written on it. The validity of these two shots still remain an issue though but from the looks of it, it certainly looks good.

Zune v.2.1.4

However, before being hoaxed possibly, let’s be a bit skeptical. Firstly, this shot could easily be reproduced. Actually even a clearer shot could be created within minutes! Just a few Photoshop work, save it, sync it over to the Zune, and Zoom in on the image enough and ta-da!

Another thing is the firmware version. Ok, so why the heck are we jumping all the way up to version 2.1.4 all of a sudden? According to a tipster from Gizmodo, we may be surprised on June 1st. (So where did the May surprise go?) It seems a bit of a bit skip, don’t you think?

Zune v.2.1.4

Nonetheless, the idea and the concept itself looks cool. I just don’t feel that we may be seeing something like this in near future unless Microsoft is playing with us and not releasing these cool new features through the firmware now. 😛

More news on this as time goes.

Zune Sneak Previewed By Few?

As many of you probably know, there was supposed to be some more information regarding the next-gen Zune on Monday. However, we didn’t really get any solid evidence.

But infact, there is now a new rumor going on saying that Microsoft did actually showcase their new upcoming device to a group to developers. However, there is still no empirical evidence regarding this, so keep your hats on as it may be yet another hoax. 🙁

Hopefully, Microsoft will start to show some sort of new signs of the Zune this month because we’ve been waiting for May quite a while. I’m also personally hoping a new firmware with some new features too this month… Anyways, more on this as more info is released.