First Watermelon Red Out at eBay?!

Ok, whether yet another Zune photoshopping or not, there is a red Zune out on eBay. Yes, I did say a RED Zune. Whether the player inside is the Watermelon Red or not, I’m not too sure of currently. However, there are two shots of the casing, which is surprisingly similar to the limited edition of Pink Zune casings.

Also, just a side note. We were supposed to see the “Reds” this week, but it seems like there may be a slight delay. 🙁 So,  I guess these pictures will have to do for now…

Red Zune on eBay
Red Zune on eBay

Update: Just contacted the seller if I can get a photo of the player itself inside. 🙂

Source: Zune-Online