Rumor: New Zune On June 1st?

There is yet another Zune rumor going around after a vague shot of a Zune downloading songs via Wi-Fi. It is a picture of the current generation of the Zune except with a background saying version “2.1.4 Beta” written on it. The validity of these two shots still remain an issue though but from the looks of it, it certainly looks good.

Zune v.2.1.4

However, before being hoaxed possibly, let’s be a bit skeptical. Firstly, this shot could easily be reproduced. Actually even a clearer shot could be created within minutes! Just a few Photoshop work, save it, sync it over to the Zune, and Zoom in on the image enough and ta-da!

Another thing is the firmware version. Ok, so why the heck are we jumping all the way up to version 2.1.4 all of a sudden? According to a tipster from Gizmodo, we may be surprised on June 1st. (So where did the May surprise go?) It seems a bit of a bit skip, don’t you think?

Zune v.2.1.4

Nonetheless, the idea and the concept itself looks cool. I just don’t feel that we may be seeing something like this in near future unless Microsoft is playing with us and not releasing these cool new features through the firmware now. 😛

More news on this as time goes.