Second Generation Confirmed.

Jason Reindorp, Microsoft’s marketing directory for Zune, somewhat confirmed that the second generation of Zune is on its way to the customers’ hands this fall. To expand the Zune, Microsoft is actually under construction in Doumen, China to construct a Zune factory right beside its XBox factory.

We should be able to see some various new innovative versions with diverse size capacities along with prices. Especially since Microsoft is not working with Toshiba starting from the second generation, it is likely that Flextronics, the workers of Xbox, and Microsoft will co-produce future generations.

“There are definitely some cost efficiencies, but the more important thing from our perspective is the flexibility and control we have in creating a device from scratch and making it down to the last component what we want it to be,” said Reindorp.

Not much detail has yet been released. However, with fall only a few months away, I guess more info will be leaked out gradually. Tune in for the latest 2nd generation of Zune news! 🙂